Nude is addictive

I hate to break this news to you, but it is. At least for me.

nude, having coffee

Over the last few weeks we had a lot of warm and hot days. 25C to 28C, add about 55 for Fahrenheit, and you’ll be close enough.

That kind of weather warms up my apartment rapidly, and it makes me lose my clothes at the same rate. Working from home, only meeting people via video-conferencing, makes that easy. Just have a shirt handy for those video-calls.

Until there is the need to go on-site to a customer. Then the big world insists on clothes again. And then I find how addictive being nude is. Clothes feel like an insult after a few days of none of them. That only gets worse when that number of days goes up.

After such an on-site visit, I don’t know how fast I should get out of that cloth prison again. It’s amazing how extra hot my body feels when the heat from the outside world comes in and has no way to escape.

Nude in Space

Why can’t we all be ‘au naturel’ when the weather’s right for it? When I see how climate is changing (climate change deniers, please stop reading here), the world that I’ve depicted in “Nude in Space” seems to get ever closer. The idea of villages where everyone lives nude is great, but the other side of the medal (and you know that if you read the book) is that life is being made impossible on Earth. And the tragedy is that ‘life’ is doing that to itself.

Let’s hope things don’t get that far (the impossible part). Just the naturist / nude people villages. I can’t wait for those to pop up. The more the better!

Meanwhile I’ll avoid clothes as much as I did over the last weeks, as long as the weather is beneficial to that!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

43 thoughts on “Nude is addictive”

  1. I know the feeling oh too well. I would have no issue staying home and nude all the time.

    Unfortunately, society dictates I have to wear clothes when going out for errands.

    We must take the time for ourselves when we can.


    1. I totally agree. And let’s work on it that the time is plentiful!
      This is why I love my always work from home job. I only “necessity-dress”. 🙂

  2. It’s very true.We’ve had over 20 days of 36-38C or 100F.Clothes make no sense in this kind of weather.I manage shorts and flip flops where I’m visible from the public road,but getting dressed beyond that for errands isn’t fun.

    1. Where I live humidity goes up and down with the temperature. ‘Dry heat’ is very rare. Many people start turning on the air conditioning when the temp hits 24C.

      1. Humidity is a bad beast, indeed.
        I turn on a fan and slow myself down. It’s much better for me.
        (I despise air conditioning, it gives me a headache.)

        1. I get it. I’m the opposite. I have malformations of my sinuses and I’m allergic to mold. Humidity causes everything to swell shut and that often leads to sinus infections.

  3. You are quite correct. We are holidaying on a Greek island and it’s way above 30. We have a villa with a pool etc. that is quite private. We just lose our clothes as soon as we come into the house. Just went to a beach for a dip. I was delighted to find another skinny dipping family there, so we could be uninhibited. So annoying when you have to worry about offending people.

  4. I’ve “necessity-dressed” since 2015-ish. I’ve worked from home since Covid. People ask about my WFH routine and I say it’s really quite similar. I shower & shave every morning. Then I don a work appropriate shirt, jewelry, and footwear. And I’m good to go. An advantage of this is that I can keep my thermostat set a few degrees higher than I could were I doing the textile routine. Speaking of which, has anyone ever listed lower electric bills in summer as a benefit of naturism?

    It could even be framed as a patriotic gesture: Being nude –> higher thermostat settings –> less electricity consumed –> less electricity needing to be generated –> less need to import natural gas. Just a thought 🙂

    1. I miss the link between higher temperatures and a higher thermostat setting. You are referring to air conditioning, probably? In that light it would make sense.

      Most people in Europe don’t have air conditioning (yet), hence my question.

      1. I actually wondered about that when I wrote it. But I figured Europe was fully air conditioned given this summer and last. Yes, I was talking about air conditioning. I imagine there isn’t a Pinguino to be found anywhere in the EU at the moment.

        1. Europe is getting closer to being one air conditioning, that is true, but we’re not there yet. Luckily.
          Can I assume that “Penguino” is a brand of air conditioner? Penguins aren’t native to this area.

  5. In our barn we have a very, very old, impossibly heavy and likely worth a small fortune old styled wood burning oven which takes a good 25-35 minutes to warm up and with now in the southern hemisphere being winter and where i live many days dipping well below zero with snow, one of my favourite things to do as of late is put some big gumboots on and stroll across to the barn, put the kindling in and start up the fire and then sit on top of it, right on the very big square plate until the temp gets a little too warm… lovely to do while having a hot chocolate or brushing your hair, plus the heat generated is good for the horses too and they appreciate some morning heat on cold days and i am sure this will both amuse and shock some people but that’s my little naturist anecdote for the day!

    On my 152nd hour of continuous clothes free-ness (except for one thirty minute and one hour long portion where clothes were required)

      1. It is! and before anyone gets worried about bare bums on cooking surfaces, i do give that stovetop a clean if we’re going to be using that for cooking but its mostly just used as a heater for the barn on cold days for the horses (and me!)

        So far as of right now July 12th at 4:54pm the total is 242 hours 19 minutes and the seconds are tough to count accurately but yeah basically 242 hours!! a grand total of 3 hours and approximately 45 minutes have had to be clothed during that time,approx one and a half hours in total during corralling horses when the snow came and while at the supermarket but i did a compromise for the supermarket, i wore my big gumboots which go up to just before my knees and this really warm and long oversized sweater which goes all the way down just past my knees (the sleeves are 1.5x my arm length!! that way i could be naked underneath without there being any issues..well except one time when i needed to get some jars of garlic aoli from the bottom shelf and had a wardrobe malfunction but, (this might make some people giggle or be a bit grumpy due to the unfairness) with my female privilege, there were no complaints.

        I have said this before and i will say this again: many of the worlds body confidence, self confidence and health issues would practically “evaporate” overnight if everywhere was just clothing optional….

        1. Absolutely true. And the more people would go undressed, the more others would be encouraged to do so too, so that would be a win on all sides.

  6. Unfortunately it’s true. Being naked is addictive. You don’t think about it at first, but after a few weeks of nudism, you start to feel addiction to the nude. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to free myself, so I undress as soon as I can. I think this is the only negative aspect of nudism considering that it is not possible to live 100% naked. Since I was a nudist I hate panties and I don’t like clothes, but in the winter it’s much easier to keep on and less annoying too. I’m not a fanatic, so in winter I dress well and can tolerate clothes. But during this time it is a constant cross-dressing to go out and other errands and undressing as soon as I get home. In this period, however, it is possible to go back to nature and let yourself be undressed in the arms of mother nature, which in my opinion is the best thing about naturism. Here in Italy beautiful places abound, just be a little careful. Let us remember that naturism is not just nudity. Happy naturism to all.

    1. > Let us remember that naturism is not just nudity. Happy naturism to all.

      This!! underline, bold, quote, paragraph, exclamation point, exclamation point!!!!

  7. Elise, you are so right. It is about our relationship with Nature. People forget that we are Nature and part of the natural progression.

    1. federico was absolutely on point with that but its something we all feel and a very, very healthy reminder too.. we are mortal, of the earth… nothing, not even the universe will last forever, Life, death, rebirth..

      “earth air fire water”
      “r r r r”

  8. The other day I came across this rhyme on the YouTube channel Polymathy. The purpose is to give the ‘metric-impaired’ an idea of temps in Celsius.

    30 is hot.
    20 is nice.
    10 is cool.
    Zero is ice.

  9. It really isn’t. There are very few nudist beaches, maybe 10/15 in all of Italy. There are some difficult to reach places, quite close to woods and rivers, which have always been frequented by naturists but are not official places so in case of police arrival there is always the risk of a heavy fine. I have never frequented spas or naturist villages too many rules, some even absurd and discriminatory besides naturism is against consumerism so I don’t like consumerist naturism in vogue today. For me, naturism is done in the wilderness. It is only there that I undress, as well as at home. I have always liked it so far, and having found a place close to home, just outside the city, surrounded by nature, I can undress regularly almost every day with little risk. Spending 2-3 hours naked in nature is an indispensable cure-all for me. It puts me in a good mood, reduces stress and makes me feel good, of course I undress as soon as I get home but it’s not the same. If one day in the woods I meet someone naked who, seeing me completely, calls the police, I collect my things and look for another place, but I can’t give up. Absolutely agree with Elisa, naturism wants nudity, indeed I would say that nudity is fundamental, but there is not only that, naturism also means healthy eating, physical exercise, natural cures (if possible) and the fight against consumerism. Let’s remember these things. Naturism and nudism are not synonymous, at least in my opinion.

    1. So true, Federico. For me, we are Nature. We are animals of Nature. To take us out of our true element gives us stress. In the woods we feel at home. With clothes, we feel trapped. Humans have been sanitised against our birthright for many centuries. Fortunately, there are many of us who have refused to take that pill. We will always be drawn to the woods, to the waters, even the deserts, to be our authentic nude selves.

      1. Clothes are unnatural.
        I too have definitively stopped using panties after becoming a nudist and naturist, personally they annoy me and I find it a useless garment. It is the garment par excellence that represents shame for the body. I dress the bare minimum and in this heat I have an enormous effort to keep my clothes on. Actually no, it was not like that for me, when I was textile I was not interested in nudity, or naked life in the open air, nature or the environment and I didn’t know anything about nudism or naturism. As mentioned, if it weren’t for the chance encounter with another nudist five years ago, who managed to “infect” me with nudism, I would now lead a “normal” textile life. Starting to undress for me was something that turned my previous life upside down. Only thanks to the ever increasing nudity did I develop the desire for a return to nature. It was nudity that brought me closer to nature.

        1. A while ago I heard a podcast about the history of clothing. They were originally just used to keep warm, which makes all the sense. If you can choose between being dressed and warm (and surviving) or being nude and cold, and dying from that, the choice is simple.

          It was when people started using clothes as status symbols, according to that podcast, when things began to change. (If you are interested in listening to it, it is in a series called “The Ancients”. I don’t know the exact link to it, unfortunately.)

          1. And along with the status of clothing. If you are heathy (well fed=healthy) and wealthy, god is bestowing his blessings on you. It started the modesty phase. Poorer you were. Less clothes you had. More sickly you may look. More skin you showed more ungodly you were. We now know that is all BS. But, unfortunately, the modesty thing is still hanging in there

    2. See this is why I love stopping by this blog! Like okay yeah, there is always a danger of only spending time with like minded people, the whole echo chamber thing I know some people may point that out but just wow, especially the last bit of your comment, I could not agree more and I feel like all of us commenting here are very sympatico (If that is the right word) on this.

      Only have a few more days and nights left of my nude challenge and I can feel the disappointment of the sad reality of clothing being required coming back already 369 hours and 55 minutes with a total of 5 and a quarter hours of time not included in that total where clothes were required. Would be nice to make 500 but sadly, there is never enough time!

  10. Elise. The old saying: “Clothing when necessary.” Definitely as little as possible! “Don’t need no stinkin undies.” Just the outer layer.

    1. Absolutely! That’s been my go-to when I have had to wear something, and I can get away with a really long sweater or coat with nothing underneath because it’s a fashionable look ironically!

      We’ve just had some very cold (for australia) days and had to be outside doing stuff during sleet and snow and frostbite would have been a bit of a downer

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