3 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist, July 3rd 2022”

  1. Nice vid. At one time Active naturists/NuDance had events in my area. Unfortunately they were always (as in 100% of the time … ARGH!) when I was working. Unfortunately, one of the leaders of the group was killed in a car accident several years back. Despite being on their mailing lists I’ve not heard much from them since.

    I recall one time NuDance had an event geared toward people who are arhythmic/atonal and literally cannot clap along to a song. I was unable to get the time off, much to my annoyance. This is actually a bit bigger deal than it sounds as all but two people I’ve ever met have insisted that I can hear rhythm/beat/whatever….. I just ‘don’t want to’. I’ve learnt to avaoid such people like the plague….

    1. It would have been nice, had you had the opportunity to see them live.
      Too bad it didn’t work out.

      And people can be stupid, knowing better what you can do than you do…

  2. i remember this one : ) sadly vimeo won’t let me click the <3 like button, yet can rewatch it perfectly fine : )

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