On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

The nude bubble


Naked woman in a bubble

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I like my nude bubble. I enjoy the knowledge that I know lots of nice nudists and naturists. More and more non-naturists in my circles know that I am a naturist - I don't throw it into their faces at random, I just tell them when it comes up.

Naturism is such an ingrained part of my life that I can't separate it from myself, or place myself outside it. I don't want to. Being nude gives me a special kind of freedom which I don't want to give up.

Nudity is mine, and probably yours. If the rest of the world is against it, clothed, clothed-minded (as I quipped before), that's up to them. If they can't handle the reality of a naked body, that's up to them.

Again, there's no reason to throw naturism in everyone's face if it has no place in a conversation, but if it comes up, I 'own' it, as modern lingo goes. The beauty of nudity is that it's an equaliser. No one is better or worse when they're naked and non-sexual.


The fact that we have to add this to our nude conversations is a sign how much sexualisation of everything is a part of life. Nude without sex seems to be a concept that doesn't make sense to many people.

I sometimes wonder if people actually notice that. How sex and 'real life' are being mixed everywhere you look. It's not just in this kind of advertisement. Think of car ads, furniture, it pops up everywhere you look.

It's so commonplace that, indeed, we have to add the 'non-sexual' to our nudity.Β 

This is why I like my nude bubble. Inside it, people understand. In there, people know that nudity originally had nothing to do with sex, and that nudity can be enjoyed (if that is at all the right word for it) without sex.

Which doesn't mean that sex is a no-no. In the nude, sex is much easier. πŸ˜‰

How does your bubble work? Do you have one like mine?

I'm curious...