Nude exercising is the thing.

I’ve said it before, and many others already know that it’s the best. Nude exercising.

Now Basingstoke personal trainer, Helen Smith, has caught on as well:

AN EXERCISE class for people in the nude launched its first class on Saturday.

The Nude-ercise session, run by a personal trainer from Basingstoke, takes place every third Saturday of the month at Nursling Village Hall in Southampton.

The first class saw 10 people follow instructions from trainer Helen Smith, who is also a member of naturist group British Naturism and runs the hour-long class for a price of £8 from 5pm.

Helen, 35, said: “I think people are starting to embrace naturism more and more.

“The idea behind it is that it’s your natural body and there’s nothing sexual about it.

“The main benefit of exercising naked is that you can really see what the instructor is doing in the exercises.

“You also don’t have to think about washing sweaty gym clothes after the class.

“People are required to pre-register by emailing me and to show ID at the beginning, just for everyone’s peace of mind.”

The class featured participants between the ages of 33 and 70 with the activity being described as a gentle boot camp.

It included jumping jacks, sit ups and partner work. Helen left her job as a recruitment consultant two years ago to become a full-time fitness instructor and was inspired to become a naturist after visiting a nude beach in southern France.

Helen said: “I was on holiday with my partner and we turned up at a naturist beach and thought ‘let’s do it’ and it was a really enjoyable afternoon.

“People are starting to embrace naturism more and more. “In this day and age you have pop stars wearing scantily-clad clothing and on the other hand you have things like naked bike rides.”

Other classes will take place in London as well as other towns including Reading, Guildford and Alton.

(Source: Basingstoke Gazette.)

The disadvantage of nude exercising

I thought that would get your attention. Yes, there is a disadvantage of nude exercising. You feel it the moment you go to the gym. No nude exercising there…

Gym. Dressed. Sweaty. Smelly.
Knee lifts
Naked knee-lifts.

I have taken up doing naked morning exercises since a while. A month at least. Every morning I do a number of exercises which usually take 5 to 6 minutes.

They feel good, they make that I feel good through the day. Yes, only 5 minutes a day. But once a week I try to go to a proper gym where I want to work out for an hour or more. And that’s where the pain begins. Stuff on my body which at least 6 mornings a week isn’t there.

Naked sit-ups

Not only is the stuff I  wear there quickly too warm and wet (which in turn makes it smelly), it’s also restrictive. Sports clothes up, down, left or right, they’re clothes, and clothes are by default limiting movement.

Naked push-ups

Doing exercises naked is much better and feels better. Nothing pulls and yanks, nothing hinders you in any way.

For that I’m glad I can do this mini-workout every morning. Naked. With nothing bugging me.

A naked gym in the area for those who want that. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Naked Planking on Twitter

Yes, it seems to be a trend! Naked Planking on twitter.

Clothesfreelife posted about it here. I’m game, of course:

If you care to join the fun, or see more about it, have a look at this search on Twitter. If you post a planking picture, do let me know. It’s a great exercise for your core and I’d like to cheer you on.

More naked plankers:

And a radical here:

Morning exercises

You may have seen something about morning exercises if you follow me on Twitter. And once I threatened to write about those exercises. You’re in luck. I’m writing about them. Now. Note that you can choose to do them too, or try them. Be careful and smart. See what you can and can’t do. I’m not taking any responsibility for your body; it’s yours, not mine. You know it best.

What do I do on such a morning?

  • Push-ups. According to Google the first thing that comes to mind is a bra that lifts breasts. That is not what I do. I do the kind where you lay on the ground and push yourself up.

    There is an alternative if you can’t handle these (no shame in that), and that’s to rest on your knees instead of your toes:
    In the knee-case I would advise a rolled-up towel under your knees so you don’t damage your knee caps. I do 15 push-ups. If you feel like starting, do what you can. Don’t overdo it. You’ll hurt yourself and give up. That’s not the point of exercising.
  • Next I do 20 arm swings. Not up and down, but left to right, 10 to each side. Can’t find a proper picture but it’s easy: raise your arms in front of you. Swing them left, swing them right, sort of like air-golf without the club. Don’t do it fast, don’t overstretch. just swing them ‘around’ yourself, left, right, left, right, etc. Remember to turn your upper body into the direction you swing in. This loosens up your spine. Also lift your right heel when you turn left and vice versa. No need to crack something.
  • Then I do 15 squats. The trick is to keep your knees from extending over your toes and to keep a straight back:
  • After that I do reach-ups:
    10 repetitions, so 10 up and 10 down. Again, don’t over-extend. Go as far as your body will let you. You’ll feel improvement soon if you keep it up. There’s no obligation to actually touch the ground! If you can, fine. If you can’t, fine. You may get there if you keep up the exercise.
  • Last of the torment: sit-ups. I do 15 at the moment (started with 5!)

Getting back up is the hard part. If you can’t make that the way she up there does, hook your feet beneath a couch or so, which will help you in getting up. No shame in that.

So there you have it.  My morning exercises. Yes, all the images here have dressed people in them. That doesn’t mean you have to be dressed to do them. It’s up do you.