Twitter for naturists. Do you know these nifty things already?


We all know twitter. We all love it. Many others love it too. There can be people who pretend to be naturists and follow all the naturists they can round up. Only… these yokels aren’t naturists. Not nudists either. They’re out to collect images of nude people.

Sometimes they are easily detectable because they assume everyone enjoys the same things they do. Their profile image will then relay something like this:

twitter dick
Twitter “profile”. Clearly a dick.

Not the kind of person I like to be followed by.

Other smart ones don’t show themselves. They simply keep themselves out of view. Still it can be very simple to detect them. If they have nearly no tweets to their name, yet follow an incredible amount of accounts, you can bet that this isn’t a serious naturist/nudist/clothes free person:

twitter porn person

4454 accounts are followed by this non-communicating account. This is not a naturist. I checked.

There’s a pattern in which these folks follow others. First they go for the obvious: women who display themselves. Then they go for porn accounts. Then they go for naturists.

Not all follow this pattern but I clearly spotted the ‘waves’ of followings in distinct ‘areas’.

Share and eliminate.

For those on Twitter: you are probably aware of the blocked accounts list. Once you block an account it will appear on the blocked accounts list.

To get to that list, open the menu for your profile and go to ‘Settings and privacy’.

In there you’ll find an option called ‘Blocked accounts’.blocked accounts




That’s an important one. That’s where every account you’ve ever blocked is stored. The good thing is that you can export this list into a file.

Export a list in Twitter
Export/import is in the Advanced options.

If you share that file online, others can download it and import that list into their own blocked accounts list which saves them the trouble to hunt down each one on their own.

It’s easy to share such a list: just dump it into e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or Onedrive, get the public / shareable link (each system has its own way) and tell the world where it is. People can then grab the file and import it into their own list.

Don’t be scared that any sensitive, personal information is shows in the blocked list. It’s simply a file with numbers. When I open it in Libre Office I see this:

Blocked accounts in Libre Office

As you see, nothing of my eating habits or preferred colours are in there.

Google DriveI’ve just uploaded my most recent blocked list to my Google Drive.

You can find and download it here.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of blocking accounts and spreading them to benefit others.

Naked Planking on Twitter

Yes, it seems to be a trend! Naked Planking on twitter.

Clothesfreelife posted about it here. I’m game, of course:

If you care to join the fun, or see more about it, have a look at this search on Twitter. If you post a planking picture, do let me know. It’s a great exercise for your core and I’d like to cheer you on.

More naked plankers:

And a radical here:

Nudism in Egypt

Nudism in Egypt isn’t visible but it exists. I just read an article in the Dutch NFN magazine “Uit!” about a reporter meeting with 6 people from Cairo who occasionally get together in secret somewhere to be naked. Nothing more. They’re naked, watch TV, drink beer and talk. It is highly illegal what they do because Egypt does not allow nudism and they go to extremes to prevent it, apparently…

One of these people is mentioned with his Twitter ID, @EgyptianNudist. I ‘know’ this man. I follow him on Twitter and we exchanged many tweets. And since last year August he’s gone very silent, as if he disappeared from the earth. In the article there’s mention of someone threatening him and the people in the secret nudism group. (Isn’t that utterly sad?)

I hope he’s okay. I hope they all are okay. Maybe you’re even reading this, my Egyptian nudist friend. If you do, please let me know things are okay with you and your friends. I’ve heard of others who also miss you and wonder where you are. If someone knows anything about him, I’d really like to hear it. Thanks.

pYou can e-mail me if you don’t want to respond online.

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