The disadvantage of nude exercising

I thought that would get your attention. Yes, there is a disadvantage of nude exercising. You feel it the moment you go to the gym. No nude exercising there…

Gym. Dressed. Sweaty. Smelly.
Knee lifts
Naked knee-lifts.

I have taken up doing naked morning exercises since a while. A month at least. Every morning I do a number of exercises which usually take 5 to 6 minutes.

They feel good, they make that I feel good through the day. Yes, only 5 minutes a day. But once a week I try to go to a proper gym where I want to work out for an hour or more. And that’s where the pain begins. Stuff on my body which at least 6 mornings a week isn’t there.

Naked sit-ups

Not only is the stuff I  wear there quickly too warm and wet (which in turn makes it smelly), it’s also restrictive. Sports clothes up, down, left or right, they’re clothes, and clothes are by default limiting movement.

Naked push-ups

Doing exercises naked is much better and feels better. Nothing pulls and yanks, nothing hinders you in any way.

For that I’m glad I can do this mini-workout every morning. Naked. With nothing bugging me.

A naked gym in the area for those who want that. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

7 thoughts on “The disadvantage of nude exercising”

  1. I wish more places allowed for working out clothes free. In addition to comfort, it’s actually more sanitary and healthful for the body. I’ve had a number of conversations with women here who work out and have their workout clothes on for a long time… and that presents a LOT of very uncomfortable health issues for them as women that wouldn’t otherwise be there if they worked out clothes free. Clothes store a lot of stuff in the fabric, and the lack of free flowing air creates horrible environments that are breeding grounds for bacteria and what not.

    Naked is better.

    1. I once suggested it at my gym. They stared at me as if I asked them to burn the place down… 🙁
      So many people just can’t get their mind around this as a health concept. In a place where they promote health.

      1. It would be nice to exercise nude at the fitness center like I do at home. I wish I could swim nude there. The swimsuit I wear is spandex, square-legged and rather brief, but covers enough. I can’t stand the long, baggy swim trunks. I forgot the pants that I usually wear to work out the last time, so I wore the stretchy swimsuit and tee shirt while using the machines before swimming. It was more comfortable and one less change of clothes. I may keep doing that. The less the better.

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