Every body is beautiful.

Not that again!

And why not? It’s not me who’s reading this, it’s you. And I agree if you’re moaning. Not every body is beautiful. Not in the light of modernday standards anyway. On a side note I am not sure which standards that would be because like everything in life, standards have a tendency to jump around and do different things every few days, weeks, month or years. Look at fashion (hey, a nudist who talks fashion!). What was great last year is entirely impossible this year.

beautyqueens 1920sCan you guess when the girls on the left were beautiful? Do you think these women are beautiful? This is 1920s beauty. It’s quite different from these days, isn’t it?

beauty_queen_t580Compared to a 2015 beauty queen the 1920s girls won’t stand a chance with most modern people.


The odd thing is that there’s nothing wrong with either period. We’re real people with real bodies (although that might be reason for discussion in these days). With the visual overload and indoctrination of the media that we all have to be young and happy and smiling and all that crap, it’s no wonder that many people go berserk trying to live up to ‘the standards’.

Plastic is fantastic when your butt sags, or when your boobs are the wrong shape.  (How can something natural be the wrong shape, can someone explain this to me? We’re people. We get old. Some don’t (often thanks to the attempts to keep up with being young and pretty).

Naturists / nudists have a much more healthy concept of beauty. They don’t give a damn about how someone looks. If there’s a nice person inside, that’s what counts. That is what makes someone beautiful.

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