Bathing suit days

No, that’s not here and now. Please, stop that thought 5 seconds ago!

Last week, my girlfriend and I went to a wellness resort. The day we picked had a problem, though. That day, at the resort we frequent, was a bathing suit day.

Shock, terror, horror, fear

We are not bathing suit kind of people, so I looked around a bit further and found a ‘sister branch’ of the resort. 100 km away. I’d rather drive 100km (and 100 back) than do something bathing suit related.

In a weird manner I can ‘accept’ that many people mentally tend to jump to ‘bathing suit’ when they see ‘swimming pool’. From day 1, this has been ingrained in most people’s minds – and hooray for those who escaped that lunacy – but why do people insist on bathing suits in a sauna? Most people (at least from my generation, which is probably semi-stone age) remember that saunas originated in Finland, and people were naked in there from the start of the tradition.

Covered people in a sauna
Who would cover up like this in a sauna??

Perhaps it has to do with this faux interpretation of sauna visits, that being covered is normal. Which, as we all know, has to do with the ‘prudish’ attitude of our society that seeing skin is lethal for people’s mental health, unless it’s used for sex.

The drive was worth it. A great place, surprisingly busy for a Wednesday, but due to the size of the resort it wasn’t crowded anywhere. And many people who didn’t feel the need to wear bathrobes or go wrapped in towels most of the time. Normal people with normal bodies. It was good to see there were many younger people too. (Note, for someone of the semi-Stone age, 30 and up is ‘younger’.)

I will always avoid bathing suit days in a spa or wellness resort or sauna.

Nude rules.

My vacation, part 2. Beaches.

This is part 2. If you missed part 1, it’s here.

During my vacation at the naturist hotel Gran Hotel Natura on Fuerteventura I took a walk into town, to have a look around there. Of course that had to happen clothed, but you have to make concessions if you want to see something. After taking a look around (Corralejo is quite large and very tourist oriented) I decided to take the walk back over the beach. Lots of sun worshippers were there, everywhere. And suddenly it hit me that many of the bathing suits I saw were entirely ridiculous.
Everyone on the beaches is trying to expose as much skin to the sun to get a nice tan, but everyone also makes the same odd, feeble attempt to stay “within the bounds of decency”. They wear bathing suits made of such tiny bits of fabric that it’s impossible to hide what’s so obviously there. And still people pay a lot of money for these things. In my opinion, if they want value for money, they should revert to the swimwear of old. That would make sense.

What they’re doing (or attempting) is beyond the law of ridicule, in my eyes.

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