My vacation, part 2. Beaches.

This is part 2. If you missed part 1, it’s here.

During my vacation at the naturist hotel Gran Hotel Natura on Fuerteventura I took a walk into town, to have a look around there. Of course that had to happen clothed, but you have to make concessions if you want to see something. After taking a look around (Corralejo is quite large and very tourist oriented) I decided to take the walk back over the beach. Lots of sun worshippers were there, everywhere. And suddenly it hit me that many of the bathing suits I saw were entirely ridiculous.
Everyone on the beaches is trying to expose as much skin to the sun to get a nice tan, but everyone also makes the same odd, feeble attempt to stay “within the bounds of decency”. They wear bathing suits made of such tiny bits of fabric that it’s impossible to hide what’s so obviously there. And still people pay a lot of money for these things. In my opinion, if they want value for money, they should revert to the swimwear of old. That would make sense.

What they’re doing (or attempting) is beyond the law of ridicule, in my eyes.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “My vacation, part 2. Beaches.”

  1. back in 2019 i bought a kind of lame excuse for a bikini that didn’t really leave much 2 the imagination and i felt more “naked” (in like the traditional “bad” way) that i would have just wearing nothing. To me, the super revealing bikinis and one pieces, they “advertise” more than u would without one.. plus the less fabric, the more expensive.. whose idea was that???

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