All the same

It’s odd that textile people all want to look the same, and how nudists and naturists have mastered that.

What do I mean by that?

As I’ve often gone on about, it’s the fashion industry, which is doing its best to destroy our environment without telling anyone.

A new person has a new idea for a new line of clothing, and once that’s gotten

All the same?

enough attention, everyone runs to the store to get it. To look the same. For this, the garment(s) come in lots of sizes, to make sure that every different body can look the same. I guess the basic idea behind this is that a model shows the item, and once you wear it, you look like the model. Presto, no diet or gym required! It’s like magic!


Say this to the clothies and they will laugh at you, probably, because they are all their own person with their own clothes.


Now let’s look at the non-clothies. That’s us, the ones who like to run around in the nude. It is my conviction that we’ve achieved what the clothies want with all their attempts to look the same.

Naked people nude beach
They’re all the same…

If you look closely, you can see that all the people up there look the same. They’re all nude and happy, ready for a plunge into the water. And are they ‘the same’? No, they’re all different in their similarity. It’s the attitude that makes them (hence us) the same.

We all show the real ‘us’, instead of attempting to impersonate a model that’s being brushed up and photoshopped to be “perfect” (meaning “showing something that’s impossible to attain for anyone, even the model itself).

This was something I thought of suddenly, on the way home from an onsite visit to a customer. I’m glad I have a way to share this with the world. So, world, what are your thoughts about this?

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

17 thoughts on “All the same”

  1. Woman* doing documentary on fashion magazine models being unrealistic:
    She watches an early morning underwear shoot. Later in the day she’s touring the editing room and she sees rows of people at computers PhotoShopping the pics from that morning’s shoot. She turns to her guide and asks, “So, you’re telling me that even the underwear models don’t look like underwear models???”
    Heard this sizing joke somewhere years ago: A ‘Plus’ size 18 dress in France –> 16 in Italy –> 14 in the UK –> 12 in the US –> 10 in Russia.
    Yes, I agree. Few clothies follow the latest fashion trends because what ‘hangs well’ or (more subjectively) ‘looks good’ on any particular person is a function of that person’s body shape and not what’s ‘hot’ at any particular moment.

    *IIRC, the reporter was Australian and the doc is available on YouTube

    1. warning, midnight ramblings, should be sleeping xD

      i can tell you that no matter what anyone says, for girls and for women, the whole idea of “standardised sizing” is virtually a myth. I love some clothing when there is a place for it, the right time and all and when weather requires it but although i love shopping (and window shopping, which is addictive) the one thing that’s remained true my 16 years of life is that growing up as a naturist, clothing shopping and the mandatory clothing kind like school uniforms and the like, is so beyond difficult to the point of frustration.

      i have many annoying memories of primary school and secondary school now spending much too long in a uniform shop or at the school section of best n less trying to figure out if i was wearing the right size and shoe shopping, forget about it.. hiking boots, crocs for the beach even wraps or mukluks- way easy! but fashionable flats, heels or casuals its like i can never tell.. and sorta end up procrastinating an entire day away.

      I totally know this sounds like taking things to the crazy levels but its embarrassingly true. With my naturist and nudist peeps, even in winter with a faux fur cover, there is no issue and the constant quest for perfection is killing us, like a poison just slower. Sure there is such a thing as unhealthy body weights in both directions but the overwhelming majority of us the world over are truly beautiful naked… now if only people could be as lovely on the inside as the outside….

  2. Everyone looking the same is the end goal of the ‘environmentalists’ and the rest of the political left.
    Uniformity is what they crave, for ideological purposes. For the ‘environmentalists’ it’s because if there’s no diversity there’s no waste, for the rest of them it’s because if everyone looks the same there is no more ‘class difference’.

    And this is how they prepare people mentally for being forced into all wearing uniforms, by making wearing one a fashion statement which you have to unthinkingly follow to be a part of the herd.

      1. Or the Nuremburg Partei congresses…
        Though I was thinking mostly of the formless sacks the masses used to wear during the cultural revolution in China when I typed that.

        1. my mind went a little bit darker, a certain striped uniform with a certain yellow painted star and shaved heads…. maybe in the end thats the dehumanise society, so that individuals become “unique at being the same” if that makes sense

          1. You’re on the right track. The first slight murmurs and rumbles of what followed less than 10 years later were observable to anyone who had the discretionary time & energy to follow culture & politics in the salons popular at the time.
            Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article:

            It’s a good film and worth seeing on its own. I think it was more a commentary/warning on the industrialization process that started at the end of the 1800’s. “Workers” (which included some ‘white collar’ jobs) were thought to be increasingly distanced from their product. If I recall correctly, most working and middle class people in the UK, Germany, etc. rolled their eyes at Marx’s ‘communist’ ideas about economics but were very on board with the negative impact on society unrestrained capitalism might have. Interestingly, FKK (Freikorperkultur) got its beginnings as a part of the back-to-nature reaction to industrialization.

            Here’s a link to a summary of that:

    1. > which you have to unthinkingly follow to be a part of the herd.

      yup, and we’ve had lots of discussions on this subject on Paul’s blog and i know its very likely that most people across the world have some level of understanding of this but feel powerless against the current of herd thinking… its really tough sometimes to be the lone person going up river and risk a torrent or hatred or worse, ostracism for it, that’s why reaching out to others is important though we have to be careful to not fall into the same trappings and embrace the world as a whole; smile even if there is no smile back.

  3. The fashion industry, as well as a few hundred multinationals in the world, are responsible for over 50% of the pollution. However, they want to blame the citizens if they don’t do separate collection. Of course, separate collection is a form of respect for the planet, just as nudity is a form of respect for the body, but the real cancer of this world are a few hundred multinationals. Also this tendency to want to confuse sexual genders, so that anyone who can be a man or woman at will falls within the logic of selling everything to everyone, without distinction of sex, men will be able to wear skirts and the textile industry will also be able to sell the last rag on the shelf. Those who are naturists (as well as nudists) have a moral duty to fight this cancer that is destroying the planet, naturism is also synonymous with the fight against unbridled consumerism and a healthy life, not just getting naked. I love to go naked, especially if immersed in nature and I undress as soon as I can even at home, but in naturism there is not only the nude, there is also more, let’s not forget it. We should do our small part where possible of course.

  4. We should learn to do without superfluous things, especially if they are produced by large multinationals. Clothes for example, since I became a nudist 5 years ago, I have sold a lot of clothes, because I realized that I would no longer need them. I very rarely buy clothes and if possible not in the shop. The reason is that after becoming a nudist I am often naked and like many nudists, I also do not like clothes, secondly I try not to feed consumerism with clothes that I will not wear, I keep the bare minimum for cold periods and to go out. home. Summer clothes are really useless, why wear short shorts when you could go naked? Humanity should produce winter clothes for cold periods. In the summer you should always go completely naked. How much less pollution would be produced by stopping the production of summer clothes, underwear, swimwear, etc. etc. ???

    1. I’ve worked from home since Covid hit. I wear a work required shirt and footwear… That’s it. I think I now buy 10% of the clothing I did pre Covid.

      1. I have a cover over the webcam and when a meeting comes up I put on a shirt. After the meeting, the cover is on the cam and the shirt is OFF.

    2. Indeed! My girlfriend and I tend to go to secondhand shops where you can find the most amazing clothing for a laughable price. I tend to buy very little of that too, I don’t need it.

    3. There is a really interesting bit on this website i follow, showing future changes to industries across the world that not only will have environmental benefits, but social and socio-economic benefits too, in fact i am going to be writing an essay on this subject for one of my finals in a month.

      “3D printing is now so cheap, fast and easy to use that it can produce items of clothing for just a few cents. A milestone was passed in 2014 when 3D printing became faster than injection moulding. The speed of printing continued to increase, doubling every two years in a trend similar to Moore’s Law. By 2024, it is over 30 times faster, so an item which took four hours to print in 2014 now takes just seven and a half minutes. Millions of open-source designs are available to download. Sweatshops in the developing world are declining as a result, with low-paid factory jobs made increasingly obsolete.”

      that’s just a snippet of course without going into detail but proper resource management, ending the cheap goods and sweatshop and slave labour sectors is a good and wonderful thing all round. There will be a huge restructuring of things when people no longer are buying $10 tops and $15 jeans made from these god awful places, then there is the technology being developed now (and not in 10-20 years, but now!) that will eventually be able to take care of the microplastics situation in our rivers and oceans…then the non meltdownable mini nuclear plants that can even use “depleted” nuclear fuel cutting down half lifes to a mere 100 years, taking away the reliance on fossil fuels and eliminating the waste of renewable energy (like what happens to the wind turbine blades when they break, so disappointing 🙁 and the toxicness of the rare earth metal mining and the overeliance on specific countries etc) which for the most part is not renewable…but still many many times better than fossil fuels and the like and yeah protecting our biosphere is VERY important and will not just lead to a healthier environment, but healthier people as well, with untold thousands of people not sucumbing to disease or death from pollution, but also a healthier environment will change the very psyche of people across the world as well… this is one of the biggest ways i see the acceptance and normalisation of nudity occuring, a huge paradigm shift… omg i could write another 20 paragraphs of all the good stuff that is happening..

      The point i am totally failing to make coz i am half asleeps rn is that the future looks promising, bright and beautiful and also…nude! at some point i am going to write a whole bit about it and with Pauls Permish i might post it in a comment on a later blog but despite all the doom and gloom and fear they are trying to show us day in and day out, the future looks bright.

      The future is in our hands…we just gotta make a few changes and a few initial sacrifices and yeah okay the whole paradise or utopia idea will never happen because people are people, but we can get awfully close to it. Don’t lose hope, ever!!!!

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