Look how naked I am!

A clothie never said. Until now.

I kid you not. Watch and shudder over what I found.

Our enemy called Fashion has a new ‘moment’. The naked look.

What you see here is clothing with life-like nipples on it. Because printed nipples are fine, where real nipples are EEUW NO GO AWAY DIRTY PORN!

How much more crazy do we go?

Is this bad enough? Oh, look how naked I am… I found this on the Guardian.

“It’s a statement – I guess it’s that punk attitude of like, ‘We don’t give a fuck.’ If I want to wear something that looks like my naked body, I can.”

London designer Sinead Gorey

I am not sorry. This is not a punk attitude of ‘we don’t give a fuck’. If you don’t give a fuck, you go naked like real people. The no-clothes version.

The article says there has been a t-shirt like this before (although I don’t agree that this is in the same category as the idiocy up here).

Created by Vivienne Westwood, late 1970s

I couldn’t be more flabbergasted than when I saw all this ridiculous stuff.

Don’t these people have any shame??

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

7 thoughts on “Look how naked I am!”

  1. absolutely cringe af.. sorry.. there’s no nicer way to say this!
    but… and heres a big but, maybe, just maybe once the fashion trend wears off and people are more relaxed about. . . . nevermind, that’s wishful thinking

    When google lets me use a photo of myself without clothes without going them going into panic mode, maybe then the thinking won’t be so wishful but right now society just seems to be living in a state of total hypocrisy regarding the natural human body

    1. I totally agree. People who go for this kind of madness should adopt robot bodies. They should remove anything human from themselves.

  2. There was a movie with Bruce Willis called Surrogates in which people did adopt robot bodies through which they interacted with society while physically staying at home. IIRC, about 1/2 the population used them for all interaction outside their homes, 1/4 owned surrogates but only used them to ‘be’ somewhere when they couldn’t actually go there in their real bodies, and 1/4 did not own surrogates for whatever reason.

    Having grown up in the Punk era in Boston I agree with Paul that going without clothes would be closer to actual Punk that what Sinead Gorey describes. IMO one could make a case that this seriously cringe worthy fashion trend is ANTI-Punk because it pretends to be non-conforming while actually being very, very conforming.

    And Elise could be right….. maybe some fashionista or ‘influencer’ might think, “You know, I could just take my clothes off and have the same shocking ‘naked effect’ while being a lot more comfortable.” And would that be any less weird than the stuff that seems ot go on daily these days?

    1. warning, grumpy rant incoming…

      I saw that movie a few years ago and instantly made the connection to surrogates rather than being robot avatars of ourselves being the desired perfect image that everyone seems to want to portray while their “real selves” are left at home to essentially wither and die, with the home-self being an avatar for the lack of care, of understanding and of self love that society seems to know exists but dismisses in favour of the beautiful lie. I can tell you this, i would feel infinitely more comfortable naked in public walking down the street than with a top on with a pair of cheesy pseudo-artistic boobs printed on it and its not because i have somewhat of a exhibitionist side but because i would feel “naked” (oh the irony!!) with that top on… Our bodies hide nothing when disrobed.. we are who we are but i just see this trend as just another way to to market sexualisation for profit and push people further and further away from body acceptance and self love.

      the funny thing though Anton, is that if these people actually got naked without their gorgeous filters and expensive photo retouches and just came to terms with their actual body (and this was occuring en-masse) they might just see that for themselves, that silly tops and dresses attempting to be over-sexualised actually do a disservice to themselves.

      I will say something controversial here but, i love sex and i love being admired but not just for my body in a sexual sense but because of how much i care about my body being healthy ( though if anyone says they do not like being admired for their physical attributes is probably fibbing) , but like everything in life, there is a time and place for that and amongst the nudist/naturist communities i have been in since i was little, my body did not matter…I mattered… Me.. who i am, the content of my character, how i made other people feel and how i treated others.. and this sort of ethos terrifies the influencers who subconsciously realise deep down that once their ability to sexualise themselves is taken away, they genuinely do not know who they are, what makes them a unique person and it terrifies them…

      so rather than actually take some time to learn about themselves, they will continue to market the only attribute they think they have until society deems them past their prime and then they will spend the rest of their life trying to find themselves only to realise there is nothing there…

      i know that is very, very harsh and anyone reading this who knows me will know its fairly out of character for me but sometimes…. well not sure about the rest of you but sometimes my patience with the textiled community wears a little thin.

      On a happier note i am on day four of my twenty one day continuous clothes free challenge! on holidays now and i have only had to put clothes on twice; once to go out in the rain and snow to rescue a horse that had broken out of the barn and gotten stuck in a combination of mud and snow, and when we had an impromptu visit by some jehovas witnesses who were, shall we say ‘mortified’ when i opened the door.

      > Exactly. This kind of garb almost mocks nudity…

      Exactly this..

      grrrrrrr : /

      end rant and i am sorry if i said anything a bit too mean…just have been holding that in for a while now..

      1. Good point. I’ve met people in the past who would today likely be called ‘influencers’. Most of them seemed to know they got lucky with the genetic dice and that their ‘gifts’ were both unearned & temporary. But I always had the feeling the were in the minority for having that awareness. Yeah, what will all those people do once their appeal has worn off?

        I kind of wonder how WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride) affects people in the cities where they’re held. You have hundreds (thousands?) of people, most of whom do not have models’ bodies, all over the place being naked and yet the sky doesn’t fall and the world doesn’t end. I’d like to think it’d food for thought for some people.

        1. +1

          i guess we just need to keep having patience and hope… hope is the only thing stronger than fear.

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