A good thing with a bad thing. The nude and the virus.

You’re most probably facing the same thing I am. The invitation of your (local) government to stay home as much as possible.

Yes. It’s annoying, depending on where you are. In many places of the world you’re simply forbidden to go outside unless there is a strict need, like grocery-shopping, medical attention, walking the dog, etc.

Here in the Netherlands it’s not that bad yet. We can still go outside for a breather. Groups are not allowed, and people have to stay 1.5 metres / 5 feet apart. I understand that.

Nude, coffee, sunshine

I’m making the best of it. Since there is no one in my home who complains about me not wearing clothes, I go nude as soon as the temperature is nice in the living room. (We’re having quite some night frost lately, which isn’t usual for March any more.)

And so I enjoy the morning sun, drink my coffee and do my work.

Yes, the restrictions that are in place aren’t the biggest joys ever, but doing it this way, it’s not a punishment for me.

It’s also interesting to notice that, for me, not very much changes in this pandemic virus situation. Of course, I don’t drive to work every day, which is different, but not being a very social person now has it’s benefits. I don’t have the need to meet many other people on a daily basis. Actually, meeting so many of them during a normal office day is very draining for me, so in a way this is a great relief! I’m fine with being alone – I’ve been doing that most of my life.

Working nude on the couch
Working on the couch. It’s a great experience, definitely when you can do it naked!

How are you coping with the lock down, if that’s applicable for you? Are you bored? Going crazy? Desperate to be around dozens of people, even from a distance?

I’m very curious how long all this will go on. China reports fewer cases and people can go out again. It took them 2 months of rigorous lock down. Let’s hope we can get through that with less strict rules, but we’ll see!

Have a good day, everyone, and stay naked if you can. Let your skin breathe.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

10 thoughts on “A good thing with a bad thing. The nude and the virus.”

  1. We are in our third week of lock down here in Italy. I live alone and manage with books (I love reading), internet and netflix on my laptop. My Sky decoder broke down, so no more TV as all the shops are shut except supermarkets and pharmacies.
    It is difficult to be naked at home as then I have to shut all the shutters which makes the house very dark and unpleasant. In the evening though I am naked. But the only other nudists I can meet are the ones that make contact on the internet through my email adress.

  2. So far only a few places in Texas are home bound. Here in western part of Texas we are keeping distance and sanitising. Retail stores and dine in restaurants in town are closed. Food trucks and fast food as well as restaurants that have switched from dine in to take out are doing business as a new normal. In most part people are staying home, cleaning houses and yards, watching TV.

    1. We’re living in weird times. We have to live weird lives. I don’t know if we’ll ever get back to the old normal. Maybe that is for the best. We’ll see.
      Good luck, Robert!

  3. I’ve been in self-imposed isolation for about 3 weeks now. The only thing I miss short-term is my acting classes. Being a natural introvert, that’s about 90% of my social activity. I was about to start a gig at a local college as a figure model but now that isn’t going to happen.

    I was also studying to become a docent at a local nature center and the final exam was 3 weeks ago. There was a woman there with a cough. I kept at least 6 ft. away from her but I still got a nasty sore throat that lasted a couple of days, probably from touching a door handle that had the germs on it. It wasn’t COVID-19 – the symptoms were all wrong. I almost wish it had been. I’d be immune now and not have to worry about it. The Nature Center is now closed down for the rest of spring.

    All the camps are no-go zones. Beaches are mostly shut down. That’s not a big deal since the nearest resort is 100+ miles away and I only go for special events.

    Long term, all the spring/summer events I’d been looking forward to are rescheduled and up in the air. Bay to Breakers is now set for late September. Planning for the WNBR-LA has been suspended. Olive Dell’s Bare Burro 5K and Naked Beer Mile are reset for October. Nude Comedy LA is postponed for the duration. Probably no figure modeling until the fall term. Local trails are not as empty as usual so there will probably not be as much freehiking and the National Park Service has closed the hot springs under their control. (I would not go to hot springs now anyhow, not even the National Forest sites that are still open.)

    The daily news has gotten boring. Nothing new to present, just restating the same dreary facts with larger numbers each day. Political squabbling. I’m sure if there is any real progress it will show up in my e-mail.

    I’m in a higher risk age range but aside from misc. aches and pains, still very healthy. A little voice inside my head is saying that I should just catch the virus now while the hospitals are not overloaded and medicine and respirators are still available. My wife is a nurse and while she might be able to care for me now, in a few weeks she may be working very long hours. OTOH, if I can stay under until after the epidemic peaks, it is likely that better treatments will have been developed. If I get a chance to be in a clinical trial for a vaccine, I’ll jump at it.

  4. I love the whole atmosphere in which you are existing. The pic shows how relaxed you are during this time of stress. Congratulations on your positive attitude. It speaks well of your nudist outlook.

    1. Thanks, Rick. I can only hope that more people will be able to accept the situation without going bonkers. Stress has always been a bad advisor, so I keep it out the door as much as possible.
      Good luck and stay nude. And keep a distance!

  5. I’m in my 3rd (4th) week of virtual lockdown. I rarely have people over so being alone in my apartment is the norm. I can do my job just fine online; I just wish my clients would make the changeover a bit faster. Otherwise, I’m all for this whole new working-from-home thing, especially since I can be naked 24/7 unless I’m on camera with a client, then a pull on a shirt*.

    However, I’m hardly a hermit. Here’s what I’ve lost thanks to Covid-19:
    – Nude socials
    – Nude yoga
    – Nude massage classes
    – Nude drawing group (artists are nude, too, not just the models)
    – Seeing my friends, most of whom don’t consider themselves nudists, but after a shower they stay in the buff until they have a reason to get dressed (I really need to find a shorter way to say that, lol)

    So, yeah…… I’m kind of ready for Social Distancing to end.

    *I’ve found that most of my male colleagues also wear just a shirt when they’re on camera. Although I think that’s more of a ‘guy thing’ and not a ‘nudist thing’.

    1. I’m sure you can do without this being locked in and up. We all are ready for it to end, I’m convinced of that.
      Hang in there. You’re not alone. We can do this.

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