Of course naturists have sex.

Naturism is not equal to sex.

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Lots of people mistake naturism and nudism with a constant orgy. Those aren’t the people who know much about naturism and/or nudism. For this, many naturists state that their lifestyle has nothing to do with sex, which is correct. Being naked doesn’t mean you have sex all the time, just like wearing running shoes doesn’t mean you’re constantly running.

Naturists do have sex.

This may sound contradictory to the previous paragraph but it is the only easy way to create new naturists. Naked people aren’t sterile; they don’t use 3D-printers to create babies. They’re also human and, like all humans, they love touching and intimacy.

What better way is there to display that than by having sex with someone you appreciate?

In private.

That’s where naturists have sex. Just like most people they engage in their intimate activities without bothering others with them. If you run into people who are doing the wild thing where everyone can see them, you ran into exhibitionists or crazy people.

Modern ‘awareness’.

I understand that many people have problems keeping all these differences apart. This world is about fast, extreme, superficial. Not about subtleties that require a lot of thought – the powers that be don’t want us to do this thinking. Still it would be a good thing for the folks who keep messing up naturism and sex as being the same. There is a difference.

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3 thoughts on “Of course naturists have sex.”

  1. This is an interesting topic, which has, of course, been discussed widely.
    I have often commented to people that the relationship between sex and nudity is [for me] not bidirectional. i.e. if I’m going to have sex, Id probably like to be nude; but being nude doesn’t mean I am preparing for or specifically interested in sex.
    It is interesting that sex in public is such a taboo. Although I don’t have any specific desire to indulge myself, I do question the thinking. Animals do it when and where they please. Our ancestors [even quite recently] were somewhat uninhibited.
    I have heard someone say that they wouldn’t have sex in public as they don’t want to be seen naked. Following their thinking, nudists should be fine with public sex. Some nudists are very inhibited in their public displays of affection – perhaps they are afraid of getting carried away. I always endeavour to behave much as I would if I were clothed.

    1. I don’t agree with sex in public. I did want to make this point though and I know it’s a very touchy subject. Still, if no one touches it there will always be weird assumptions. I wanted to make it clear that nudists are like regular people (the clothes ones). That sex is a part of life, not of the nudist lifestyle.

    2. I’m on the fence about public sex. I agree that strictly philosophically we shouldn’t be opposed to it.
      But promoting it or actively claiming it’s part of being a naturist/nudist goes counter to the battle to accept public nudity as something not inherently sexual, and to fight the fight of desexualising the human body in the eyes of the population at large (a fight that has, sadly, been largely unsuccessful for decades if not centuries).

      I agree I likely wouldn’t engage in it myself even if it were socially acceptable, as to me sexuality is something special between a group of persons in a (semi)permanent relation and not something to be engaged in in full view of everyone who would be interested in watching (let alone jumping in and taking part).

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