When you go to a nudist beach…

You may have heard this whining before:

When you go to a nude beach you see all the people you don’t want to see.

male-nudistsYes. That’s probably true for the people who go to such a beach to look at people. The way they probably also go to a dressed beach, to ogle people and try to see what they can’t see because of the wonders of modern bathing suits (although those aren’t very covering lately).

The people who go on about this don’t have a clue about nude beaches. They may not even have a clue about textile beaches, because people – as far as I understand – go there to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Not to be stared at as if they’re strips of bacon hanging in a window to make other people drool over them. And that goes for both kinds of beach: nudists aren’t there to be stared at. They are not the super model kind of folks. I think I mentioned this before: there are perhaps 20 supermodels in the world (those are the skinny, malnourished people who have to live on air and a slice of lettuce, remember?) in a world population of 7 billion. That is 1 supermodel on every 350,000,000 normal people. How big do you think the chances are to catch all those supermodels on the same beach? Let’s forget the nude part here for convenience’s sake.

I’ve been to nude beaches. I don’t go there to stare. I go there to relax, to meet nice people and have a good time. The folks whining about us (yes, I include myself here) should stop that and be satisfied with photoshopped photos and manipulated videos of people who aren’t real. I’ll even throw in a beach background for them to make them entirely happy. As long as the whining stops.

Maybe someone can show me how wonderful, healthy and fit these whiners look themselves…

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “When you go to a nudist beach…”

  1. YAY! Perfect and wonderful! We’ll be sharing this soon in our website’s ‘Community News’ section, thence to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, G+, etc: http://www.all-nudist.com/all-nudist-community-news#.VEgAavk7v0t

    And please, read this excellent article by a woman with a lot of physical issues who discovered the difference between Textile and nude beaches. We nudists/naturists DO have a better way of looking at things! http://www.all-nudist.com/all-nudist-community-news/scars-ostomy-bag-a-womans-experience-nude-beach-vs-textile

  2. One complaint which is often heard from those who object to public nudity is “I don’t want to see THAT.” I can’t help but wonder if those people believe that unattractive people should be required to wear masks or bags over their heads so they don’t have to see that either. What incredible bigotry.

    1. Exactly. If they don’t want to see ‘that’ then they should go somewhere else. I’d suggest their favourite Playboy or Hustler sales location…

  3. Lovely post. Every is not the body builder or way to thin and need to can weight type. We just want to relax and enjoy life. I’m sharing this article

  4. I run and own Ponaka. I have been a nudist for 11yrs. This articles shows that not all nudists are prefect. That includes people going to a nudist resort. We need more people to stand up for nudism and put it down

  5. I am another one of those “un-beautiful” people whom textiles would likely tell “Put some clothes on”. I am a bit overweight and out of shape, have a dark band across my bottom, and usually walk a bit “funny”, but among nudists, I fit right in. I have met quite a few “un-beautiful” people, including a few who would qualify as “beached-whales”, but our beauty is internal, not something visible. Some of the nicest people I have ever met are nudists.

    A few months ago, I met a lovely lady at Cypress Cove. She wasn’t “lovely” by conventional standards, but as we sat across a table from each other, and started talking, we connected almost instantly. It wasn’t the fact that we were both nude, although we were both there so that we COULD be nude, it was that we shared similar “life-challenges” (disabilities). We both have trouble getting around because of arthritis, and we are both sight-challenged. She is almost totally-blind, and I have no usable sight in one eye. It matters not what she looked like, because it was the “heart-connection” that really mattered.

    To those who would tell us “Put some clothes on”, I have to say “Get a life!”, and “Get to know us before you judge us, and if you don’t want to see us, don’t come where we are.” I will defend anyone’s desire to be and live clothes-free, regardless of what they look like.

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