When you’re naked you’re honest about your body

More and more I think that nudists and naturists are – in a way – the most honest people. They are honest about their body.

A nudist doesn’t feel the need to hide being skinny or large beneath layers of clothing that have patterns to ‘flatter’ their shape. They are the way they are.

The same goes for people who have what many others consider a ‘good body’ but who have scars and other deformations. Accidents, surgery, giving birth (for women) and so forth, these things leave marks on a human. These are nothing to be ashamed about, even when modern society makes people feel that way.

After all, we all have to be eternally young and beautiful, in the impossible way that many supermodels look.

It amazes me every time that so many people allow themselves to chase such unattainable goals and looks. These people are the “lucky few”, and to be honest I am not so certain if they are really the lucky ones. They have to keep up this look, adjust their diet and what not all the time because the scrutiny of the world’s eye is on them.

And all that when there’s nothing wrong when you look like this lady on the right.

What’s not to like? She’s healthy, she is laughing and she is more than comfortable with her appearance. And all that with difficult diets and a regime for living that makes life not worth living.

Be honest. Don’t try to be the supermodel you’re not. Be happy. I’m convinced many of them aren’t, and in that light you win.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “When you’re naked you’re honest about your body”

  1. Very well put! I’m happy with my body,everything still works,at 67 perhaps not as well but I’m lucky and happy to live a naturist lifestyle! Reblogged on my blog because it’s good!

  2. i did not start to learn negative body image until the 7th grade and it was quite powerful at first but settled down really quickly and just imagined how all these people much more beautiful than me were just ugly on the inside. I am proud of my boney hips, my small boobs, the way my legs are, the way my downstairs region is.. they’re me and only i can be me… i can not be anyone else : )

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