Naked unless someone is offended.

Original post at The Nook – by Richard Foley:

Many people, in the clamour to be seen to be politically correct, seem to believe in the principle that you should not do something if somebody will be upset by it. Being naked in a public space, for instance. While at first sight, this might sound a most honorable viewpoint, I’m not sure people have thought it through entirely.

For instance, would you be happy to join a WNBR, where nudity IS accepted, and then during the course of the ride if some one person was upset at seeing naked people, you would immediately get dressed?

If so, this seems to me to be the very problem with society today (and maybe forever). If we only ever accept a situation on the basis that nobody (pun intended) will ever be upset, then we should bring back racial segregation because somebody is upset that there are blacks on their side of the street. We should also deny women the vote because someone might be upset, (at least half the population of Appenzell in Switzerland), that women should have any say in the running of the country. We should make gay people illegal (wtf! eh?) because somebody doesn’t like gay people, or is upset by the idea of somebody being gay, or is “offended” by the very thought. Etc. etc. etc.

As Bertrand Russell famously said in a letter to The Times: “In a democracy it is necessary that people should learn to endure having their sentiments outraged …”

True then, true today!

Author: Paul

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3 thoughts on “Naked unless someone is offended.”

  1. You don’t have the right, and you SHOULDN’T have the right, to force your nudity on others. Be naked at home or where others like you are comfortable with it. There is already too much nudity in our entertainment… We don’t need it forced on us in public, as well.

    1. If you refer to ‘nudity in our entertainment’, are you referring to all kinds of sexual innuendo?
      Nudism has nothing to do with sex or sexual implications. That’s a big misconception that “our entertainment” has forced upon everyone, to fill their pockets. Because sex sells. If you have a problem with nudity (more precisely the wrong ideas that surround it, as decreed by ‘our entertainment’) then please complain at the right address.

      No true nudist wants to force his or her nudity on to others. We’re not like christians who try to convert others into doing what they feel is right.

      Thank you for your reaction, I hope you appreciate (or understand, or at least read) mine.

  2. I have a problem with public nudity and the movement towards the acceptance of it. I do NOT want nudity allowed on our beaches, in our public swimming pools or on my tv. I’m not talking about sex or sexual innuendo… I’m speaking of nudity. I’m all for people having “clubs” and dedicated beaches (that I can stay miles away from) but I don’t want to be exposed to it in ANY areas that my children and I may frequent. You all can have your nudism… But people seem to be pushing for an acceptance of it in more public spaces and I will fight that all the way. As I said, there are too many nude bodies on my tv… I don’t need them live and in the flesh 🙁

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