The eighth week

At the moment of writing this, I’m in my eighth week of almost total nakedness.


The weather has been amazing here over the past couple of months. Hot even. Yes, also much too dry, which is an unfortunate bonus, but with respect to being clothes-free, it was fantastic.

I only wore the least bit of clothes to go to customers’ sites, to work on location. That wasn’t very often, and my drying laundry is proof of that. Loads of towels, a few pairs of socks and some shirts.

The weather is now turning, colder weather is coming towards us, but there will also be rain. Being naked just about all the time is great, but if the land is parched and nature goes belly-up through that, I’ll gladly put on clothes again if I need to if rain and colder weather comes along.

It’s interesting to see how this balance happens. Naturists like their sunshine and their nude-time. Nature, however, requires the other end of the spectrum as well, simply to properly function as our nude playground.

I’m not sad about the nude period coming to an end soon. That, I think, is a stoic attitude towards things, and a stoic I’ve been. All my life, as far as I can remember.

Morning walk in the nude, fog in background
Morning walk, with fog

I had this wonderful nude time for 2 months, maybe even more (I didn’t mark each day on the calendar) and I will remember it fondly. There will be another time for that, and I can be nude at home whenever I want – as long as the temperature’s right. Mourning the period ending is a waste of time and energy, as that won’t bring it back.

I’ll hang on to the memories and feelings during that time, do what I feel is needed, and look forward to what might / will come.

Have a great day everyone. Make it as clothes-free as you can!


Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

6 thoughts on “The eighth week”

  1. 8th week, aww you blew way past my record!! Kudos though you’re not quite as anal as I am, writing down the individual hours and even minutes be thankful for the seasons, each one of them they each bring beauty in their own way.. it’s still cold here but each day of spring brings the sun (and sunscreen) closer.

    btw just a recommendation.. i got some new bamboo cotton sheets, have them on my bed right now and in bed and they feel absolutely amazing on bare skin, second only to silk but, besides a silk pillowcase, silk sheets are a dream for the far, far future when I am a billionairess living on mars so….yeah!

    I highly recommend them. I am a side sleeper but the way the sheets feel on my back and bum I am now sleeping more on my Back. Just do not mistake bamboo linen for bamboo cotton, or Ouch! Though they’d be good for winter I suppose.

    And right back at you and everyone else who stops by, have a great day/night!

    1. None of my emojis showed up which i used in place for proper grammar sorry smiley face, awkward smiley, slightly frowny face.

      1. I don’t know how you inserted the emojis. Probably using a phone keyboard?
        Wordpress doesn’t accept those, it seems. It’s basic stuff here, with brackets and semicolons. 😉

  2. Paul, I think it’s great that you were able to go 8 weeks! We can usually go 3 to 4 weeks at a time, but we eventually have to go into town for groceries. And soon it will be too cold here, too. But we’re enjoying a wonderful start to fall, and are anticipating a beautiful display of changing leaves on our upcoming nude walks. Hope you can keep it going for a few more weeks. Enjoy the freedom and comfort.


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