On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Nudity and the united states

Once a fortnight I visit a friend, and we watch a film together.

We've gone through all the James Bond films, all the Marvel ones, and so on. Yes, he's a real film buff and he owns a staggering collection of DVDs and BluRays.

Movie post Spartacus

After James Bond and a few others, he suggested to watch "Spartacus". 33 episodes, 3 episodes each evening, that will keep us occupied.

Spartacus - male full frontal nudity

Is Spartacus really made in the US? Are Americans watching this?

I have never seen so much full frontal nudity in any American production, as far as I can remember.

The old Romans weren't squeamish about nudity and sex, nor about blood and killing, but I was honestly surprised at first.

After four or five episodes, I know what to expect, but still.

Spartacus - nude female slaves

I had not expected this, from a country where so many voices are out to 'protect the children'. Perhaps the parents cover the kids' eyes when there's nudity, and let the children enjoy all the chopping off heads and cleaving off arms, while blood sprays all over the screen. Or these videos only come out when the kids are off to bed. But still... there's nudity.

Truly, I am puzzled. This is allowed, and normal, healthy nudity that's not discriminatory (usually the opposite), where no one gets murdered, raped of sliced up, is not acceptable?

Confusingly yours...




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