On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Nude in space

I'm listening to a podcast series called "Houston, we have a podcast".

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It's fascinating to hear what they plan and want to do, in getting people to Mars and back. Food, spare parts, the works.

Around the 25 minute mark, they started talking about clothes and cleaning them. What struck me was: they talked about t-shirts. Silver impregnated t-shirts. The silver will prevent the shirts from getting smelly.

Will they wear t-shirts on the way? If that's all their upper bodies wear, then I wonder why bother with t-shirts at all. There was no mention of the lower body. Would they wear shorts?

With t-shirts, that would make sense, right? And if that's most of what they wear, why bother with clothes at all? No clothes means no laundry. I guess for EVAs (extra vehicular activities, like space walks or strolls on the Mars surface), they would put on stuff like spacesuits, but if the temperature inside the capsule and the habitat (if there is one, which I would assume) is high enough, why dress? It would save a lot of laundromat problems for the whole project.

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Seriously, I wonder if anyone at NASA has ever really considered nudity on board a spacecraft. Temperature is key to this, of course. They'll have to drag power with them and space outside the capsule/craft is pretty darn cold, but it's either energy or cleaning machinery. They will need the cleaner too for the stuff they do need to wear, but on a 3 year mission (yes, that's how long they plan now), the cleaning systems would be much less prone to wear and breaking if they're not used that much as with people dumping their clothes in them.

The podcast does mention ways of cleaning without using water, as water is already a commodity that gives them enough headaches (people use a lot of water to live). The good people at NASA are working hard on devices to recycle anything with liquid so it can be reused. Sending astronauts along in the nude, temperature permitting, would make that a lot easier.

Note that I'm not a space-faring expert. I am free to miss things and I fully support the knowledge that I don't know everything. Deep-dive explanations why nudity in space is a bad idea are welcomed, but I retain the privilege not to follow up on those. I'm just dumping my naturism related views here.