Vritomartis: New Renovations with Improved Services and Quality

Crete, Greece – Vritomartis Naturist Resort opened its doors for many excited naturists on April 24, 2015 and will continue to provide quality services to many more until closing on October 26, 2015. With over 161 beds in 85 beautifully crafted rooms, Vritomartis strives to have accommodations to satisfy all individuals.


This last year, recent renovations took place in public areas such as the pool bar, restaurant and the reception area. Smaller renovations also took place in other areas to offer modern, beautiful, relaxing and eye-appealing accommodations.

Vritomartis Newly Renovated Reception

As Vritomartis General Manager Nikos Dourountakis quotes: “We tried to modernize our facilities without losing our traditional character“.

Along with the renovations, buffets have been improved to feed the mind and soul with quality ingredients being the heart of their menu. Much of the nourishing food provided is local. In fact, much of it comes from our own olive groves, vegetable gardens and even our own animals.

Other incredible public areas include the pool area, bar and lounge area, mini mart and sports area. With all of the variety of entertainment, shopping areas, excursions and sports events, you are sure to be entertained during your stay. Or if you are coming to relax, our accommodations promote this as well.

Vritomartis Renovated Reception Area

Improved Services and Quality

To guarantee hotel services, food quality and consumption safety meet the requirements of international standards, Vritomartis was given a QS Quality Service Certificate in both entire hotel operation and hotel food provision departments. Also, in addition to providing quality services, potential and current guests can now search our website at ease. With the addition of an SSL certificate to our website, communications between your browser and this site are completely private and secure.

Per TripAdvisor, Vritomartis Naturist Resort was provided with a 2014 Certificate of Excellence and was also named 2014 TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice for Romance.

New Naturist Blog

A new blog all about Vritomartis has been added to our website. Here you can read reviews related to activities or accommodations and receive the most current Vritomartis news to keep you up to date on what we are doing for you.

Also, upon viewing our blog you can receive information about our contests, exciting activities and unforgettable excursions. If you are curious to know more about our trips, photos can be viewed here as well.

We encourage our visitors to actively participate in our blog. Comments and reviews can be shared as well as videos and photos etc. of your activities, trips and excursions during your stay at Vritomartis.

Whatever your reason for choosing Vritomartis Naturist Resort, our accommodations and quality of services offered are sure to exceed your expectations.


To learn even more about this incredible naturist getaway, visit vritomartis.com or email info@vritomartis.gr.

Vacation in Greece. Vritomartis – 2

Hi! Welcome back!

As I already promised, here’s some more about my vacation in Crete at the Vritomartis naturist hotel.

Clothing optional.

Yes, that’s right. Vritomartis is not a hardcore naturist hotel. When you come here you can see people in all states of dress or undress, and no one here makes a fuss about it. And that’s the way it should be. Tolerance is master here. I’ve seen nude people chat with dressed people, naked parents walk along with their swimsuit-wearing children, people wearing towels, and so on. It doesn’t matter. Everyone’s here to have a good time and you can shape that any way you want.

So, hard core nudists who don’t want to see any textile shouldn’t even consider Vritomartis because they’ll get frustrated. Just so you know.

the pool

Up here is the pool where you can swim, do the aquagym I already mentioned in post 1, or stay out of and grab one of the many sun beds to enjoy the warmth.

The nude beach.

The hotel has its own nude beach. This beach is not clothing optional, the nude beach is for nude people. There’s a small bar where you can get food and drinks so nothing will keep you from spending an enjoyable naked day there. As most beaches on the Greek islands this beach too is a pebble beach but you can get beach beds there so you don’t have to worry about strange imprints on your bare parts – unless you like things like that. *grin*

Filaki nude beach

The Vritomartis nude beach, it’s called Filaki, is a mere 750 metres / half mile away from the hotel. Also for this destination there is a shuttle service which runs very frequently, so even when you’re not good at walking it’s still easy to go there. As I mentioned in the previous post, the roads are public so officially you aren’t supposed to walk there in the nude, but the road to the nude beach is very quiet and the chances of being ‘caught’ in the buff there are slim. Note that at some point you’ll be walking relatively close to a regular road with some traffic though. It’s advisable to keep something at hand just in case.

Naked Crow 2

Yes, while I was here I wrote as well, and I managed to finish the first draft version of Naked Crow 2. I’m quite pleased with the story, and during this vacation I actually had some inspiration for a part 3 if there is any interest for that!

The hotel

Up here you have a few impressions of the hotel interior. And last but not least a few pictures of my favourite pastime at the hotel:

Activity area
People returning from the hunt for escaped arrows.
Archery for everyone.

Vacation in Greece. Vritomartis – 1

Yes. I’ve been away. And now I’m back, which is a bad thing. You may wonder why so let me tell you:

I’ve been to a very nice naturist hotel in Crete (one of the Greek islands). The hotel is called Vritomartis. The name stems from a Greek Goddess who was (and perhaps still is) the patron of fishermen.

vritomartis mat

What can I say about Vritomartis? A lot.

First: it was perfect for my needs for vacation. A quiet place, far from busy crowds, mad traffic and all that. If peace and quiet isn’t your thing, don’t go to Vritomartis. If you like meeting nice people, friendly staff, clean rooms, excellent food, space and time to breathe and relax while wearing what you like best, then you need to go to Vritomartis.


General information.

The hotel is located at the south coast of Crete, at the foot of the mountains and close to the sea. The nearest village is Chora Sfakion, 2.2km/1.5 miles from the hotel. The hotel has its own bus service to get people to and from the village 4 or 5 times a day. The distance isn’t bad and for people who like to walk it’s a nice walk to go there and come back. (Note that you can’t officially do this in the nude as it’s public road, but I’ve talked to one man who walked most of the stretch in the buff.)

The nearest ATM / bank machine is in the village, there is no such thing at the hotel. Good to know if you plan to visit Vritomartis.

Activity board

Excursions and trips.

The staff can book lots of trips for you. There’s really a lot you can do here if you’re so inclined. Note that you need to pay for excursions in cash, so either bring enough or venture out to Chora Sfakion to the ATM. (The machine is filled up about once a week so you run the risk of finding it empty.)

What can you do? There are several hiking tours through the many gorges which make this region of Crete famous. At least one hiking tour is (mostly) naturist. There are jeep trips, naturist boat trips, visits to archaeological sites and bunches more.

Activities 2

For those less inclined to go out there are activities as well. The hotel staff provides lots of fun things to do, like Greek lessons, aquagym, volleyball, shuffle-board, tennis and petanque / jeu de boules.


There is even a big chess board for if you like chess, and my favourite was the archery hour. Everyone at Vritomartis can do and leave what they want. Feeling fine just hanging around at the pool or strolling through the garden? Stroll and hang around.

As you can see, I’m quite taken with this hotel. I’m quite certain I’ll come back here.

In another post I’ll tell some more about Vritomartis. At least now you know a bit about where I spent my time away from zjuzdme.org! 🙂

Curious? See more about the hotel at their website, or wait for the second part of my Vritomartis experience!

My vacation, part 4. Sneaky textile.

This is probably the last time I’ll annoy you about my vacation…

And this is, again, about the beach at Fuerteventura, but it could happen anywhere. As I already wrote, all beaches in Spain are clothing optional. This happened during one of my walks along the beach.

A group of four women, in various state of bikini, were having fun talking while they sat in the sand. As I came walking along, a lot of commotion seemed to set in among the women. Two got up and one started digging in a shoulder bag. Out came a camera of sorts, and one of the women positioned herself for a photo. Remarkably enough she kept looking over her shoulder, clearly to make certain that I would be in the picture too. The women talked to each other in Spanish, not a language I understand, but there was no doubt about what they had in mind, they wanted a naked man in the picture. Without a thought I had made up my mind, diverted my course, and went to stand next to the posing woman. I put my arm around her shoulders and gave them my best picture smile.

The effect was beautiful and instantaneous: the posing woman yelped and jumped, the others exclaimed something in Spanish, and the four of them took off as if a nude bat out of naturist hell was chasing them.

They’ll think twice the next time when they want to sneak a picture of a naturist on a beach.

My vacation, part 3. The power of the nude person.

Power of the nude person? Oh yes, absolutely.

It’s very interesting to see how much dressed people are not used to meeting a self-conscious naked person. I’ve done plenty of walks along the beach at Corralejo (Fuerteventura):

All beaches in Spain (the Canary Islands are part of Spain) are freely accessible to nude as well as clothed people. This is remarkable for a very strict Catholic country, but a blessing for people who like to wear nothing but their skin and a good mood. During each of those walks I saw lots of dressed people (clothed in any degree, from full long pants and shirts to the skimpiest of bathing suits that hide absolutely nothing). Many of those people would of course try to sneak a peek at the nude people sauntering along. Of course they do, they don’t know better.

I found also that, when you walk along and look at these people like you would look at anyone else, they’d quickly avert their eyes and suddenly find the sand in front of them or something in the far distance extremely fascinating. Some will also stare straight ahead and pretend you’re not there. That was very interesting to see.

Most of the nude beaches I’ve been to were shunned by clothed sunbathers, so this was quite a fun experience.

Something of an entirely different order happened when an English speaking family of three came walking towards me, parents and a daughter of about fourteen. The mother, walking in front, suddenly said “Look to the sea, Suzy, look to the sea.” Yes, it was an attempt to make the girl not see me. She however grinned at me quickly. Then her father stopped and said to me: “You have no shame, have you?”
I asked him: “Shame about what?”
“For not wearing any clothes,” was his reply.
My response was: “You have no shame, have you?” It surprised him. “You have no shame, assuming that your way of life is the only proper way,” I told him and walked off.

The nerve some people have…

My vacation, part 2. Beaches.

This is part 2. If you missed part 1, it’s here.

During my vacation at the naturist hotel Gran Hotel Natura on Fuerteventura I took a walk into town, to have a look around there. Of course that had to happen clothed, but you have to make concessions if you want to see something. After taking a look around (Corralejo is quite large and very tourist oriented) I decided to take the walk back over the beach. Lots of sun worshippers were there, everywhere. And suddenly it hit me that many of the bathing suits I saw were entirely ridiculous.
Everyone on the beaches is trying to expose as much skin to the sun to get a nice tan, but everyone also makes the same odd, feeble attempt to stay “within the bounds of decency”. They wear bathing suits made of such tiny bits of fabric that it’s impossible to hide what’s so obviously there. And still people pay a lot of money for these things. In my opinion, if they want value for money, they should revert to the swimwear of old. That would make sense.

What they’re doing (or attempting) is beyond the law of ridicule, in my eyes.

Lots of hiking/walking today

Today was grand, great and impressive. And most of my out-time walking was textile-free too. I walked and hiked a little over 10km in 3 walks today, the last one a good 6km, and about 8 to 8.5 of them were clothes-free. 🙂

This would amount to 6.25miles in total, and 5 to 5.3 miles nude. The weather was gorgeous, people were scarce and a few I ‘suddenly’ met while nude were quite positive about it. (I try to cover up when I see people coming, but sometimes they are unfair and literally come around the corner and then I just keep going.)

today's nude walk

It was fabulous being out, had a great walk through a forest/heather area while going around a lake. I hope I can do something like that again in a few days. The weather also helped a lot, I hope we keep that for a while. Say until the week before Christmas? 🙂