Work naked.

Once or twice a month I try to work from home. It’s not just environmentally friendly (no car so no fuel so no exhaust gas), but it’s also very liberating to do so. Because when I work from home, I work naked. If I don’t have to go outside I stay unclothed as much as possible. The exceptions are when I feel cold or sick. Then staying warm is more important, but there are ways to stay warm without ‘real clothes’. A fluffy bath robe makes a big difference then. But usually that’s not necessary.

I’m not the only one who likes to work naked. I know of several others who prefer it that way. A surprise however could be these people who also like to work naked:

working naked in a mine
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Did you know this actually happened? Not lately of course. Health and safety would forbid it, if they survived the heart attack from hearing about it.

For now I’d be happy if there was a nude day at work.

Unfortunately, with today’s attitude towards the naked body, that will be a while. Until then I’ll work nude when I’m at home.

Do you ever work naked? At home? At work? Somewhere else? I’m always happy to hear what other people do, and how they manage it. It’s all about sharing ideas and motivating others, you know.

Stay happy. Stay nude.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Work naked.”

  1. I work nude doing construction, cleaning, cooking, working in the office or outside behind the house. I worked nude building our house, barn and shop. I sometimes work nude repairing/remodeling rent houses when they are vacant.

  2. Work from home office, often nude. Like Paul wrote, if sick or cold, not nude. Due to interruptions, I am clothed more than desired while working.

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