I have a problem with clothes.

And it’s a serious one.


I cut my thumb badly a few days ago. No, not going to show you how bad, it’s ugly though, trust me. And that is what gives me a real problem with clothes. A physical problem. Try buttoning up a shirt without the use of a thumb unless you love being in agony. Or taking the shirt off.And that’s only a thumb. Imagine having an arm or a leg in a cast. That will hinder you a lot too, I’m sure. (I have no experience and intend to keep it that way.)

For someone who likes to drive in the nude when it’s warm (and it’s been warm over the last days), this nuisance is more than just a sore thumb, it puts a limitation on my life style.If you don’t understand this: before driving in the nude you’ll have to take off your clothes. And that is a major annoyance when something on your body isn’t cooperating, like said thumb. It takes a lot longer and it’s painful, so in the end I decided to skip nude drives until my finger is healed.

How much easier would life be if clothing was optional. That way I would not waste a lot of time on dressing and undressing every day, and in my current state it would save me even more time.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

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