On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

What beauty?

Female face above water surface

A lot in this world goes on about beauty. Beauty, young, flawless, perky. Basically, it surrounds about being perfect. Yes, I know, I wrote a lot about that, but it keeps coming back to me.

As I get older, more and more I realise all that stuff isn't needed. Oh, sure, young people get their kicks from the pretty folks, which seems to be a necessity for mutual attraction and continuation of the human kind (can they please create better, smarter humans with less devastating ideas for the future?).

A few days ago, I pondered (I do that, sometimes) about how life would be if everyone was beautiful and pretty and so on.

Wouldn't that get boring in a record-breaking time? Only seeing flawless faces, not a dent, freckle, pimple, scar? Wouldn't that look and feel sterile? As if you're walking around in a world of perfectly designed, pretty robots?

Nude man in kitchen, face blurred
What's wrong with real people, who show their normal selves? Tummies, saggy bits, uneven features?

Nude woman outside, face blurred
I don't see a problem, but that's me.

I've found that the real value of someone is inside. 

A quote I found the other day says:

"In heaven, all the interesting people are missing."
Friedrich Nietzsche

I think that mirrors my idea of interesting people here, in the pre-heaven stage, whether they're nude or not. What's on the inside, their life, thoughts, experiences, stories, ideas, hopes, memories and dreams, those are the things with worth. Not the outer shell. That's only skin deep.

So please, don't go to heaven. Instead, be interesting.


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