On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

The Prude States of America

Let me share this little tidbit with you.

Draft2Digital has detected some issues with your D2D Print book. As a result, we cannot send this book to our print partners until the following issues are corrected:
Nude images are not allowed for publication. Please remove any photographs or illustrations which depict
nudity from your cover and interior file.
Superheroes 1 origineel
This was in regards to first this cover on the right ->
Superheroes 1 redacted for D2D
and then to this one on the left.
Knowing better than to be smart, I sent them this question:
"I wonder why the - now heavily redacted - image on the paperback front cover, is still not acceptable.
The previous / original version is on the e-book cover and no one made any comments about it. It even got sent to Apple Books, who are VERY picky about covers.
Looking forward to your response"
And to no one's surprise, I got this back:
I'm afraid it was necessary to delist Superheroes Volume 1 from digital retailers. The digital version of this book went live without first going through our review system, which happens sometimes. Please be advised that none of our vendors accept nudity. This was actually caught in our review of the print book, while redacted, you can still see parts that you shouldn't see as they are not fully covered.
This book will not be relisted until you change your cover and resubmit. Please make sure no part of the images contain any nudity of any kind. "Private parts" must be fully covered.
We appreciate your understanding and attention to this matter.
Well, I don't UNDERSTAND, but I know where they're coming from.
This means that Superheroes 1 is no longer available through Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and a host of other places.
No superheroes
Actually, the only place it still has it now, is Amazon. How quaint!
I'm now very much tempted to put this one up for the Prude States of America and, subsequently, all other areas of the world that suffer from this...
This literally is "no nothing".
It's sad. Very sad.
I pity the people who live in a country so analy retentive that even a human body is considered inappropriate for viewing.
Should I put up a beheading instead, I wonder?
If I do go on with this updated version of the cover, I'm going to add some explanation to the content of the book, as to why the cover looks so odd.