On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

The nudist island

Imagine there was a nudist island. An island where you could move to and be naked all day, all night, all the time.

Would you go there?

A beautiful island
This is how it might look. Perhaps a bit different, but you get my idea.

Plenty of options to swim, sunbathe without any coverings, nor the fear of the wrong people peeking in on you.

How did I get this idea?

Because of a remark made by someone on MeWe. At first this sounded great. At second it still does. But there are a few things to consider.


Because we need our fridges, freezers, televisions and phones, right?

Problem here is partially solved, as on this island, connectivity would be quite limited. There is no cable internet. There's no streaming service like Netflix. And there's no phone line, so calling people is... difficult

Of course, there's the option of satellite internet, but that costs money. Serious money. On our island there's no money, unless someone decided to bring a lot of it. (Any naturist millionaires out there?)


Food supplies
Having food and drink is quite important. We'd have to work some fields, plant things, grow things, herd goats and chickens for those who still eat dead animals, things like that. Drinking seawater gets boring soon, so we have to grow fruit trees, for fruit and juices. We'd have to import coffee and tea from somewhere - which also costs money.


Maintenance Man
Stuff breaks so it should be fixed. Houses need to be built unless you're happy with a hammock between some trees. Note that hammocks sometimes need fixing or replacing too!

Storms can happen, floods can hit because of tsunamis, so maintenance people will be needed even more, in many areas of fixing expertise.

Naked Woman in a Hammock
All this doesn't yet sound like the promised nudist land, does it?

And I'm not touching many other things, like doctors, nurses, medication, the manufacture of sunscreen and stuff to help with sun burns.

A nude island sounds great, but one that's a bit closer to the conveniences we've gotten used to is probably a better idea.

I do like the idea. A nudist land, country, space. I'm all in favour of one. Getting it in place, in a good spot, however, does throw up more problems than one might originally consider.