On the joy of being naked
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Social media future for naturism

Dead Twitter Bird
This is the dead twitter bird.

No, the platform isn't dead yet, but I wonder how long the world will still be there. A while ago I closed my non naturist account there. For now, I'm still there as a naturist, but...

Musk pulled twitter out of the EU agreement to battle disinformation. That was the reason for me to kill the clothed account. The naturist account still is safe as the naturist community on twitter is going strong, but once the EU agreement becomes a rule, there's a valid chance twitter will pull out of Europe.

I know many European naturists stick to twitter for its community. That is the only reason I'm still there, because 'the other account' was mostly an unruly gathering of junk, hate speech, right-wing propaganda and stuff I don't care about. Saying goodbye to that was easy.

But what happens when twitter leaves Europe? What will all those naturists do? Flock to BlueSky, which is run by Musk's friend? (I even heard Musk has some connections to that platform.)

MeWe logo
Is MeWe a viable option? No matter how good everyone's intentions, that place launches naturist groups which have a flying start and then quickly peter away in a lack of proper communication. Being in several groups where the most communication consists of Good Morning, here is my coffee/tea,  isn't helping to create a community. Such a post gets a load of emoji-"likes", turning it into Coffee drinkers R Us. (Nothing wrong with coffee, but you get the picture.)

Naturist Hub Logo
What is a good option / alternative? Spread out over a dozen platforms, where everyone has  accounts to stay in touch? Decide on joining NaturistHub? That's invite only, which makes it a safe place, I assume (I'm not on there). I also presume NaturistHub is not the place from where you can promote naturism to the outside world. That's the strength of twitter; you can shout it out all over. For now.

I'm on Mastodon / the Fediverse / whatever you call it. The naturist society there is... thin, for now.

I really wonder what the future will bring for naturists all over the world. If anyone knows or has ideas, please add your thoughts.