On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.


The desire for things to be perfect has invaded every area of many people's lives.

A few days ago, at the grocery store, I saw a woman inspect a piece of vegetable and then she put it back, to inspect another one.

Imperfect vegetables

I asked her what was wrong with the first one, as it looked perfectly fine to me.

Her reply: "There's a dent in it." She pointed it out. It was barely noticeable.

I asked her if that would affect its taste. The answer: "No, but if my kids find out it isn't good enough, they won't eat it."

This struck and stung me. This is crazy. You don't eat a cauliflower, zucchini or anything that size in one bite. You cut it up. The 'damage' will be impossible to spot. So I told the lady I was sorry for her kids, having been brought up like that, while understanding this is not all up to her and possibly her husband.

Many kids and wannabe grown-ups strive for the perfection the industries demand. So anything imperfect, even an apple with a little scratch, will be discarded as not good enough.

Old, imperfect nudist lady
It's sad.

Would this lady be discarded in a similar way, as she's not 'perfect'? Not 'good enough'?

Seeing this happen in a supermarket made me worry. Is it really this bad, or was this just an unlucky experience?

If it's getting this bad, it doesn't bode well for everyone who's getting older. We'll all fall into that 'not good enough' category then, and will be discarded as such.

Even the folks doing that discarding won't escape that fate, unless they submit themselves to a never-ending series of plastic surgeries, to keep their penises straight and their boobies perky.

And their minds as distorted as ever.

Let's hope there is still hope. For everyone.

I'm glad I'm one of the clothes-free nudistarians who have no problem with imperfection.