World Naked Gardening Day

It happened again last Sunday. May 1st.

Too bad for many people that the weather in many places was too cold (northerly wind and a lack of sunshine) but on Twitter I saw lots of brave ones going outside and looking after plants, trees, gardens and what not.

What I found interesting this year was, that on Twitter there was an actual Dutch hashtag to follow. #naakttuinierendag.

Of course there were lots of folks tagging along just looking for images of naked people, making weird, dumb and nasty comments and displaying a general ignorance of what the day is actually about.

I don’t have a garden. I don’t do gardening, which is usually safer for anything resembling plant life. But I do admire the people who do that. Who seem to understand what it is that plants need, in whatever form or manner. Believe me, when I tend to weeds, they will wither and die. It’s probably the only thing I’m good at. 😉

Wil Kemp and Melanie Meaglia naked gardening
(From Yahoo Australia)

Power to all who did their best to make the world or their garden a bit nicer last Sunday. May they do it again and again. Perhaps, someday soon, on more days than just the one semi-official day in the year.

World naked gardening day and the sensitivity of people

I am on Facebook. Really. I hardly put any naturist stuff there because we all know that Facebook is very sensitive about anything that shows more skin than is needed for a beheading, a public burning, an assembly of Neonazis or lots of girls in skimpy bikinis.

A few days ago someone posted a remark that today is World Naked Gardening Day and “please don’t post any pictures if you participate”.

Incredible, isn’t it? How can people be so scared of seeing other people tend to a garden? And doing that the most sensible way, avoiding dirt on their clothes?

That really beats me…

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