The Montagues proudly present… Book 3 of the Unsworth trilogy.

Yes. Unsworth book 3. Can you believe it?

Okay. It’s not just them. It’s me as well.

No More Unsworth Manor Nudes

Here you have it. The cover. Of the e-book. (Spoiler: the paperback will look the same.)

It’s scheduled to appear in the usual places on Saturday, April 4th. Yes, yes, of this year, I kid you not.

You may wonder about the title. As it is the last one in the Unsworth Manor Nudes trilogy, it makes sense. When you read the story, it will make even more sense, though. And yes, this is a teaser. Well, I hope it is. Otherwise I suck at teasers.

This was a long road to travel

This book took me over a year to get done. It was very hard. I have to thank Mr Ted Bun for his support and dedication to the craft; his words at times pulled me out of a slump. He’s also the person who helped iron out the bloopers in the story. Damn you, Ted, I worked so hard to get them in there, but you had to go and find them all, huh? 😀

In the end, though, the story came out well. Very well. I think so. Heck, even Ted thinks so. Heads up for the few people who will actually buy and read it: the last chapters may be a bit confusing. There is an epilogue, but that’s not the end. There is another short chapter, courtesy of Ted, behind that epilogue and it’s 106% worth reading until that end.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience, and your encouraging mails, tweets and other utterings of support for this story. I love the crap out of you and I’m proud to be part of this beautiful naturist, nudist, clothes-free community.


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