Weird nudity laws

Via Jillian’s Page did I find a list of very strange things concerning nudity…

Did you know you’re not allowed to be naked in your own home in Singapore? You can get a hefty fine and face jail time even!

The same goes for Villahermosa in Mexico, even though the fine there is lower than in Singapore.

I don’t see many readers of this naturist blog moving to either of those places soon.

On the other hand it’s totally fine for ladies in NYC to bare their breasts in public as long as it’s recreational and not for ‘business’ purposes.

05 UnderboobIn Cleveland, Ohio even the smallest sliver of underboob is considered nudity. I wonder what they will think of bare arms…

On the contrary, if you want to go hiking in the nude legally you should move to Los Angeles: 02 Hiking ShortsDid you know that? If you want to see a few more odd nudity laws, do hit Jillian’s Page. It’s worth following.

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