In naturism size doesn’t matter

This might sound weird but I think it’s true.

A man can be big and strong and impressive, but in the nude that doesn’t matter. The only thing that seems to matter (for those who don’t understand naturism) are the bits of a person that can be seen that are usually hidden.

Indeed, these bits are genitals and female breasts. Naturists know that people come in all shapes and sizes. Being naked, there’s hardly a way around that unless you’re visually handicapped, and even then a person is probably aware of that. (If you have other experiences, please share, I’m genuinely curious.)

These are the ‘problem parts’ for the non-understanding ones. For the people who lived in the repressed environment of clothialism, so to speak.

For me this is another indication that the whole clothing-obsessed world is wrong. The clothialists get further and further away from nature and all things natural, including their own bodies. I have heard stories about people who are so ‘body conscious’ that they don’t even dare to be nude in their own home, when they’re alone and no one can see them.

Isn’t that sad?

People who shower in their underwear. How awful to even consider that.

And for exactly those same repressed people, the size of a penis, a behind or some breasts matters. As if that defines a person. Certifiably bonkers, I tell you. That is now how naturists define people. Because, in naturism, size doesn’t matter. I know big people and tiny people, and they’re beautiful people. I know “beautiful” people who are downright ugly on the inside.

Size doesn’t matter.

People are people.

Do you agree?

A naturist’s view on parks

Parks for naturists (and resorts of course)

As a kind of follow-up on my post on nudist colonies I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of naturist parks and resorts. There’s even a good chance you visited one or more. I was thinking about parks and resorts one day and a thought popped up: Does size matter?

Does size matter?

This is because there are parks and resorts in many forms, shapes and sizes.


What is small and large in this context? I guess that’s what you’re used to. Depending on your area a club with 100 members can be large, whereas a resort with 400 members can be small. Look for instance at the giant resorts in France, like Montalivet or Euronat, each of which can house thousands of guests at the same time.

Those are resorts where you can shop, dine, walk and bike in the nude for your entire stay.

So what’s your choice?

Do you like big parks? Small parks? Any kind of park? Or do you dislike parks and so on in general?

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