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It isn’t naturists and nudists who are weird and anti-social. It is actually members of clothed society who cling to archaic social norms regarding morality and modesty who could most benefit from some psychological counseling to rid themselves of their deep-seated ambivalence about something as normal and natural as the naked human body.

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In May 2013, WVTM Channel 13 in Birmingham, Alabama, published an article on the news channel’s website, “13 INVESTIGATES: Alabama’s Nude Ranches.” The piece primarily focused on the establishment of a new nudist resort in Blount County, Alabama, by Cindi and Lee Beasley. The new resort had proven controversial and caused a good deal of consternation on the part of the Beasley’s neighbors.

The Beasleys constructed a fence on the boundaries of their property and another around the pool area. They maintained that all nudity was confined to areas screened from public view by the fences but some neighbors maintained that the fences were insufficient and that naked people on the property of the resort were routinely seen from the public road.

Most critical of the resort cited concerns about children seeing nude adults. But based on the interviews conducted with neighbors by Channel 13, at the heart of the controversy was simply the fact that many neighbors simply opposed the idea of having a nudist resort in their community. That is very evident from a few of the online comments appended to the article.

One person identifying as a neighbor wrote, “I am also a neighbor and was friends with the Beasleys. They were great neighbors but this is disrespect when they knew no one wanted this. It’s time for us to speak out. Their property isn’t some tucked away resort. It’s only 3 acres surrounded by children. These parents do not want their children exposed to such immoral behavior. I could care less if they were naked on a secluded spot. That just isn’t the case here. I go to church with those sweet kids and to know they have to go through other children bothering them about this hurts my heart. You want to be naked go ahead. Go somewhere private and don’t push your lifestyle on us.”

Another commenter wrote, “This county & world has enough problems without having people with little to no morals parading around showing our children that as long as you are behind a fence you can be naked.”

This example from Alabama illustrates a couple of things. The good citizens of Blount County, Alabama, who view simple nudity as immoral and indecent on the basis of their conservative moral views charge the Beasleys with “pushing their lifestyle on them” and object. Clearly they don’t see a problem with the fact that they are at the same time pushing their beliefs on the Beasleys and everyone else by demanding that everyone should be subject to their prudish, old-fashioned moral conventions.

The other thing this situation demonstrates is that opponents of nudism and naturism aren’t ever going to be satisfied with stamping out just public clothing optional areas. They also quite clearly feel entitled to try and stop people from practicing nudity on their own property even when reasonable precautions are taken to keep nudity out of the public view.

As alluded to many times, this country is shifting towards greater moral conservatism. The referenced story from Alabama is one example of that. But consider another example mentioned in the article. In 2000 the Naturist Education Foundation commissioned a survey that found that 80-percent of the adults polled thought nude sunbathing should be allowed in designated areas. In a similar poll commissioned by NEF In 2006, that number dropped to 75-percent.

In 2009 another similar poll was commissioned by NEF where adult residents of California were polled and only 70-percent of those polled agreed that areas should be set aside for people who enjoy nude sunbathing and swimming. In addition only 68-percent agreed that people have the right to be nude in their homes or on their property, even if they may occasionally be visible to others.

Reasonable people can concede that people exposed to nudity without their consent might be distressed or offended due to their own prejudices with regard to simple nudity. The questions such unenlightened individuals should ask themselves is why viewing nudity provokes such shock and disgust and whether those are really healthy responses.

There are three fundamental reasons why most people feel uncomfortable when confronted by unexpected nudity, says Brian Ferris, a psychologist from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  • “It is the fault of our parents. When we were children, our parents discouraged us from showing our genitals at a certain point, and made us uncomfortable with running around naked. That’s parental teaching and we never quite overcome it.”
  • “Nudity causes conflicted feelings. At one level we want to accept it, and at another level we want to condemn it. When we have conflicting feelings inside us that causes stress that leads to anxiety.”
  • “Nudity forces us to make the connection between nudity and sex. Young children will not feel the least bit self-conscious at a nude beach or a nudist colony. But then when they hit their teenage years, suddenly it becomes very weird. At that point the nude other person can potentially provoke feelings. And we become anxious because we’re pushing down our feelings. What makes us anxious is not the feeling of attraction but trying to get rid of the feelings. It has little to do with morality.”

It isn’t naturists and nudists who are weird and anti-social. It is actually members of clothed society who cling to archaic social norms regarding morality and modesty who could most benefit from some psychological counseling to rid themselves of their deep-seated ambivalence about something as normal and natural as the naked human body.

Those who enjoy and practice clothes free living and nude recreation don’t try to push their lifestyle on anyone. There are a number of religious sects that go uninvited to people’s doors and attempt to push their philosophies on others but nudists don’t do that.

Aren’t there a few more pressing matters to occupy the minds and energies of people who spend so much time worrying about the fact that some people enjoy relaxing without clothes on? Pervasive violence and intolerance often cloaked in politically correctness to make it appear palatable are a couple that come to mind.

There is a word for those who self-righteously condemn nudists and naturists as immoral. The term is intolerant. Intolerance is an unwillingness to accept view, beliefs and behavior that differ from one’s own. The tyranny of intolerance is really what’s immoral.

Nudism in fiction. Do we need more of it?

After writing “Naked Crow”, an urban fantasy that involves naturism I’m thinking about a science fiction that involves naturism.
What do you, visitors of this blog, think of that idea?

Worth pursuing or should I just forget it?

For those not familiar with “Naked Crow”, please have a look at this Smashwords page (more stores to come!).

Nudism versus exhibitionism.

So many people don’t know the difference between nudism and exhibitionism. Both display a naked body, or in the case of exhibitionism it could be parts of a body, usually genitals, but there is a vast gap between the underlying ideas of the two.

An exhibitionist will expose himself or herself amidst clothed people in order to provoke or shock them. The idea is that the exhibitionist is sexually aroused by that.

This what Wikipedia has to say about it: “Exhibitionism is the act of exposing in a public or semi-public context those parts of one’s body that are not normally exposed – for example, the breasts, genitals or buttocks. The practice may arise from a desire or compulsion to expose themselves in such a manner to groups of friends or acquaintances, or to strangers for their amusement or sexual satisfaction or to shock the bystander.” ( -December 2013-)

When we look at the online Encyclopedia Britannica: “exhibitionism, derivation of sexual gratification through compulsive display of one’s genitals. Like voyeurism, sexual display is almost universal as a prelude to sexual activity in animals, including humans; it is regarded as deviant behaviour when it takes place outside the context of intimate sexual relations. Exhibitionists are usually not dangerous, although the experience is frequently perceived by the victim as threatening; violence or sexual assault seldom follows the display.” ( -December 2013-)

When we compare that to Wikipedia‘s first words on nudism, we see quite a big difference:
“Naturism or nudism is a cultural and political movement practising, advocating and defending social nudity in private and in public. It may also refer to a lifestyle based on personal, family and/or social nudism.” ( -December 2013-)

Or again, the Encyclopedia Britannica: “nudism, also called naturism, the practice of going without clothes, generally for reasons of health or comfort. Nudism is a social practice in which the sexes interact freely but commonly without engaging in sexual activities.” ( -December 2013-)

There is no mention of compulsion or sexual satisfaction in either description of nudism, just as there is no mention of culture, a social activity, or lifestyle in exhibitionism.
Nudists and naturists don’t seek to shock people. Yes, they like to be naked, but that is for their personal good, not for others to stare at or be shocked by intentionally. They don’t want to ‘exhibit themselves’. That would be quite difficult considering that they would do that in a group that’s already naked. An exhibitionist wouldn’t stand much chance in a nudist setting. Any attempt to try something sexual in a nudist setting will usually be dealt with quickly.

Will your new year be a nude year?

Good morning.

I wish everyone the best for the new year. That’s a given but never should be left unsaid.

How do you see your new year? If you’re a not nudist or naturist already, will you consider it? I know it’s against the ideas of relaxation and even those of ‘normality’ of many people, but what is normal? When cars were invented not many people thought they’d be safe to use, that there was no better means of transport than a horse-drawn cart. And look at the world now: hundreds, thousands, millions of cars. Maybe you think that naturism is a fad from the last few years: it isn’t. According to Wikilpedia:

The earliest known naturist club in the “western” sense of the word was established in British India in 1891. The ‘Fellowship of the Naked Trust’ was founded by Charles Edward Gordon Crawford.

Even older references can be found on this website:

In ancient Greece in the eighth century BC, the sports were practiced by stripped men, and during the Roman Empire, from centuries II to IV, everyone, without distinction of sex or social class, used to bath nude in public baths.

That’s much longer ago than the invention of cars, and yet cars are accepted and the naked body, with whom everyone is born, still isn’t. Or rather: isn’t any more. It’s really very strange.

Naked Crow. A book on naturism.

Yes, I’ve done it. I’ve written a book that features naturism, and I did my best to put it in a positive light. It’s also a fantasy book. The book’s written, but not finished as I still need to spell-check, edit and so forth. I did make a cover for it already, and here’s a preview for you:

Cover of “Naked Crow”

The text for the back-matter I’ve come up with so far:

Sheila is a dental assistant with an normal life, until one of her friends goes missing and the police face a mystery. Her friend Josy went missing in a naturist resort and there is no trace of her. Sheila, who discovers a special ability within herself, decides to find Josy herself, but for that she will have to go into the naturist resort – and shed her clothes!

(As this is an entirely different genre than what I usually write, I chose to use a pen name for this one.)

Why this book? There are not enough books that feature naturism and nudism, and certainly not enough of them that put the subject in a positive light. I got the idea after reading a great story that does (Naturist, red in tooth and claw, link goes to my review of it).

I hope to make a bit of a difference with this book. I’ll keep you posted when it’s out there.

Nude beach must make South Korea more attractive

Via the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad:

The South Korean province Gangwon wants to attract more tourists and thinks that it will work with a nude beach That report The Telegraph.

At this moment it’s investigated if the nude beach is or isn’t a good idea. If the plan is executed, Gangwon will have the first nude beach in the country. Nudists can enjoy the Korean sun then as of 2017. The neighbouring Korean citizens for one are not very happy with the prospect.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a proposal for a nude beach is dismissed. In 2005 there already were plans for such a beach. That led to a lot of protest, which in the end meant the end for the nudist area.
Original article in Dutch: Naaktstrand moet Zuid-Korea aantrekkelijker maken – Het Nieuwsblad.

Good advice for all: Please Take a Towel

As found on ibtimes:

Growing numbers of people getting the urge to strip naked and walk around in only their birthday suit should follow one piece of advice: be ready to take something to cover up – a naturism expert has cautioned.

Throwing off the shackles of society by striding around with the sun on your bare skin is a primeval sensation which up to four million people enjoy – or wish they could, claims the group British Naturism.

But it most definitely is not a passion shared by all, meaning there is plenty of room for serious misunderstandings between nudists and non-nudists.

When serious confusion does occur then the consequences can be serious, with police or even the courts involved.

So a legitimate nudist runs the risk of being caught with their pants down and facing the prospect of explaining their hobby to a judge.

This pitfalls of nudism have been illustrated starkly in France recently – a country very comfortable with citizens de-robing and walking about in the nip.

A nudist out on a naked stroll spotted a mother and child walking towards him on the same path.To avoid embarrassment, he leapt behind some bushes to stay out of sight while they passed.

This noble act had the opposite effect, unfortunately. The woman spotted a fully naked male trying to conceal himself behind a bush and raised the alarm: he now faces a charge of indecent exposure.

Of course, Britain and France have different laws governing nudity, but the incident does illustrate how very badly wrong unexpected meetings between nudists and non-nudists can go.

In the UK, there is no law against being naked in public, but courts have public order and sexual offences laws available to them.

So how can naturists in Britain avoid a potential dressing down from a judge should they encounter a fully clothed young family in a beauty spot?

And why do it at all?

Born naked, then clothed

More of this article at ibtimes.

A little bit of history

Adam, Eve, ancient Egypt, the Greeks and Romans. They all were familiar with the naked body. Social nudism and naked recreation were widely spread under pharao Achnaton (1351-1333 BCE). Participants to the classic Olympic Games (776 BCE) were naked to honour the human body.

Through Alexander the Great nudism spread from the Indian subcontinent to Europe as a religious or philosophical statement, around the fourth century BCE.

Only with the arrival of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions the culture of shame came into view. Those movements are basically responsible for the downfall of social nudity.

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