A job not to do naked


I found one.

It took me a while but a certain song made me realise that this is indeed a job you shouldn’t do naked. First: the song.

The part of the lyrics that got me was: “… in this rubber suit, rubbin’ these cars…”

You may wonder what’s so attractive about a rubber suit while you can wash a car in the nude without a problem. Well, have a bit of a look at the website of Erie County, NY.

TL;DR version: Many soaps contain chemicals that harm fish and degrade water quality.

Not something you want in the ground and the lakes, so probably not something you want on your skin either. A car-wash uses such stuff too, but there the water is gathered (when it’s a good car wash) and recycled. Nothing (or at least very little) of the bad stuff gets into the environment.

Nude car-wash
Once in a while it’s fine, really.

Another reason to wear something when doing this for a day job is that your skin gets exposed to water and soap all day, every day. Now being clean and fresh is good but there is something like ‘too much’. Your skin needs a certain amount of bacteria to stay healthy. Frequent wash and soap will kill those bacteria and, in the end, you will end up sick.

I think I’ve made it clear why working at a car-wash is a prime example of wearing the sung-about rubber suit.

If you think that’s BS or if you have another opinion, I’m curious to hear it!

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