Flevo Natuur naturist park

Naturist Park Flevo Natuur
Welcome to Naturist Park Flevo Natuur

On January 4th I had my first encounter with Naturist park Flevo Natuur. (Link to Dutch site). Cooperating with Unox (a food manufacturer in the Netherlands) they had organised a new year’s dive. As this was in a naturist park it would be a naturist dive of course. I’d read about the event on Google+

Such a beautiful location for a naturist park! Hidden behind more trees than I had expected in a ‘polder’ (reclaimed land from the sea) there’s a large, open park with many options to relax and be active, like a heated pool, a large swimming lake, playgrounds for the kids, and everywhere there are funny houses, chalets and trailers (for sale or rent). There are also camping spots, but I didn’t see any tents. Not many people camping with +9c/48F I guess. Everywhere you’ll find garbage bins and toilets too.

After the skinny dip in the lake there was pea soup (made and provided by Unox) and hot chocolate with whipped cream, a good way to warm up again. Trust me, you need that then.

The even was arranged very well, all the people – large and small – were kind and friendly, and this was definitely not the last time I was at Flevo Natuur. Just bring on the sun!

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