Naked Crow 5. Cover reveal

YES! YES YES YES! It’s happening!

I’m through the editing stage and now working on getting the actual books compiled and all the fun that comes with that. Naked Crow 5 will be out ‘soon’. Note that I am not yet putting a date on it but it won’t be very long now. And to celebrate that I’m showing you the cover for the new book.

Here it is.


Shadow Dancer

I guess the title is no longer a secret either.

Historical fiction.

historical fiction

Historical fiction

You may wonder why I bring up historical fiction. If you did then you didn’t see this post in which I explain this a bit.

I’ve taken it upon myself to write a historical fiction story with naturist elements. It’s finally moving towards something. At the start of this I had not thought it would be so difficult to write…

Moving through genres

Compared to Naked Crow (which isn’t very easy either since I want to keep things credible), the historical naturist fiction piece proves to be one of the tougher writing jobs I ever put onto myself.

Whether or not you, the readers, will like the story or not, I’m glad that I picked this up. And why? For the challenge. For the moving beyond boundaries. We all need to grow. When you and I first dropped our clothes and found we enjoyed it, that was a step in our development. Growth. Nudity became our norm.

Beyond boundaries

I’ve been writing since several years, and when I first had the idea of writing naturist fiction (I’d been a naturist since a long time then already) that was pushing against a boundary. After several naturist books, like the four Naked Crow books and certainly Mirror Earth, I feel good about pushing against another boundary. Going back in time, picking an era and write about that. I’m not going to tell you what era it is nor how I put naturism into it, but the fact that it’s working makes me feel good. It tells me that I can do this. Perhaps I don’t yet do it well, but time and readers will be the judge of that.

Naked Crow 5

Since I’m talking about writing (well, writing about writing actually!) I’ll grab the opportunity that Naked Crow 5 is currently looked over by a fellow author. After he’s done with it I can start making corrections and the book will come out quite soon after that. (Did I hear sighs of relief there? 😉 )

Until that happens I wish you many happy, naked moments!

In case you missed it:

for some mysterious reason Twitter removed my @zjuzdme account (they never replied to my inquiry why they did it).

I’m on Twitter as @Paul_Z_W now.

Naked Crow continued

Hi all,

Yes, I’m still on vacation and yes, there will be another, probably final post on Meditation after I come back. But…

Naked Crow CoverThere’s something I want to ask you. Are there specific naturist issues or topics you’d like to see addressed in Naked Crow 5? Because yes, I’m already planning a fifth book in the series. I love the internet because that way I can ask you questions like this.

I’m curious if there is something coming from this question. It would be great to have a few suggestions because that gives me an idea what lives among you other nudists and naturists.

Have a good and nude Sunday!

Naked Crow 4 – Shaman

Hi everyone,

I’m on vacation now (yes, this is a pre-programmed post!) and I have nothing serious to tell for that reason, I though it a good time to show you the cover of the new Naked Crow book that’s going to come out soon. You already caught the title, I’m sure.

Naked ladies and nude gentlemen, I present to you:

The book should come out soon after I return from nakation!

Naked Crow 4

Believe it or not, I have written “The End” for the 4th Naked Crow book.

I’m going to leave it for a while now, let it cool down, and then I have to rework it. Get the stupids out, fix typos, make bad sentences better. In the meantime I’ve been thinking about the cover art for the new book and this is what I came up with. Sort of.


I like it already. Not sure how much or what will change…

Naked Crow 3 and the future

Hi all.

NakedCrow3_320Yes. It’s real. Naked Crow 3, called “Nagual“, is out into the world.

The spread to all the shops will take a while but it’ll get there. In the meantime I have a serious question to all the readers (and non-readers).

I am working on a fourth Naked Crow book. Are there issues concerning naturism/nudism that you would like to see addressed in a novel on naturism? I’m not going to ‘lead’ you by giving examples to keep things open for everyone. If you feel something needs to be highlighted or in another way addressed, please let me know in a comment or let me know via e-mail.

I can’t promise that I’ll be able to deal with everything that’s mentioned but I’m going to do my best. Thank you!

The preferred writing genre

Hi everyone!

I’d like thank the people who let me know (via the poll and through other means) who responded to my question which genre of naturism related books I should focus on. The majority pointed to fantasy, being the Naked Crow books.

Naked crow 2 Naked Crow Cover

It looks like I have the road for Sheila and Jeremy laid out for me. Thank you again!

By the way, work on the third book is progressing nicely. So far I have bad weather, bows and arrows, and a trip in the book. 🙂 Do you want a hint where to?

Now guess.

Which is the best?

Hello there. I’m really curious about something so I’m putting the right to express yourself in your hands. It’s okay if you’re not naked when you vote, sometimes the weather or the circumstances just don’t play along.

Nude in Space Naked Crow Cover Naked crow 2

[yop_poll id=”4″ tr_id=”ZM_BK_genre”]

It’s interesting, even important for me to know this, because then I can decide which style of book I should continue to write.

Girl-reading-nakedThank you for voting!

It helps me!

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