A nudist’s view on laundry


Yep. laundrtLaundry. We all know it. Even nudists know it.

This was a surprise to one of my coworkers, a few days ago. In a fun talk about vacation, said coworker complained about the loads of laundry that had to be done afterwards. I felt good about saying that I didn’t really have too much work with that. Of course, there are shorts and shirts and the odd bit of underwear, but nakations (a concept I had to clarify a bit 🙂 ) mainly get you a bunch of towels that need to be washed.

Towels. A bare (person’s) necessity.

My coworker was quite surprised about that. “If you walk around naked all day, why do you need towels?”

Well, for instance at a pool or the seaside, to dry off if there’s a chilling wind. And… yes. To sit on. Also on chairs. This to needed elaboration so I enlightened her about the fact that when you’re naked, your bodily saps won’t cling to clothes (unless you sit on a dressed person 😉 ).

So you use a towel on a chair. It didn’t take much more to convince her about that need.

nude man playing guitar
Image courtesy of www.ibtimes.com

It’s always nice to talk with someone who’s open-minded about such things. Many folks will never understand the joy of naked freedom. My coworker said to never try naturism or nudism but told me it was interesting to hear about such things.

Have you ever been able to talk about your lifestyle freely at work? Let me know. Or let me know about the weird things you’ve heard about it. It’s time for a laugh, folks!

Staying clean – naturist style

Staying clean is important. We probably all know that. Sometimes it’s impossible to stay clean. You can slip in the mud, crawl through your garden while weeding, have someone accidentally toss a bucket of fish entrails over you (okay, less likely than the other two but I enjoyed the mental image). All these things make you dirty. At least not so clean. And guess what: naked people have the advantage here.

Above is an image of three kids who were playing in the mud. Nothing but good of course, fun should be had anywhere possible, but… you see it coming… the kids need a shower and the clothes need a good washing. And drying. And ironing. And folding.

And here is a bunch of naked people, also muddy. They take a shower, dry off and they’re done. No need for laundry, drying clothes, ironing clothes, folding clothes. Nothing beats the human skin in ease of cleaning. That’s why I think that more people should dress in it.

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