Did you notice?

There was no post last Wednesday. Sometimes life in the outside world takes over more than we want, and the last couple of weeks did exactly that. My Dad is 92 (imagine that) and needs a lot of attention now dementia is kicking in. That’s why I don’t spend as much time on the computer (and on writing) as I’d like. Priorities need to be prioritised.


How has your naturist 2015 been? Have you engaged in anything spectacular, like the people above who did the Bristol (UK) Naked Bike Ride? For me the trip to Lanzarote and visiting Charco del Palo was definitely the highlight of this year.


The year’s coming to an end rapidly, Christmas is around a few corners and soon after that we’ll have the opportunity to make 2016 a fantastic naturist year. I hope you’re with me to make that happen!

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