Dukes and earls can’t afford a fitting shirt but nudity is still bad

Have you seen this kind of romance novel? Don’t worry, I’m not judging anyone on their literary or reading preferences.

My “thing” with this type of cover is, that this erotic/sensual nudity is okay while real, non-erotic nudity is entirely off the scale and still considered unacceptable. I doubt I’m the only person with such sentiment.

The world is mad. All over the place, porn and erotic stuff is condemned but at the same time stuff like this, which is nothing but an invitation to something close to it, is fine. Even now, during lock-down times, the porn industry is doing well. Perhaps even better than before.

Those double standards are not good, and we know it. I keep thinking about this, trying to find ways to make nudity more commonplace, but as the world progresses, this seems to be harder and harder.

I know why, of course. People are struggling to make ends meet in many places. They work long hours (which has a reason – if a government makes people work just long enough, they’re too tired to think at the end of the day, which makes the people ‘safe’. They don’t want to ‘think’ anymore, just slump on the couch and watch TV while eating their microwave dinner).

But even on the couch you can be naked, right? It’s my preferred way to be if I can’t go for a nude walk.

Why is it that all the media promote hidden, ‘naughty’ nudity over the real and genuine thing? Probably because there’s money in naughty (see porn industry). People who wear no clothes spend no money on clothes. It’s all the same thing, all over again.

Sometimes it’s disheartening to see what we’re up against.

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