Dukes and earls can’t afford a fitting shirt but nudity is still bad

Have you seen this kind of romance novel? Don’t worry, I’m not judging anyone on their literary or reading preferences.

My “thing” with this type of cover is, that this erotic/sensual nudity is okay while real, non-erotic nudity is entirely off the scale and still considered unacceptable. I doubt I’m the only person with such sentiment.

The world is mad. All over the place, porn and erotic stuff is condemned but at the same time stuff like this, which is nothing but an invitation to something close to it, is fine. Even now, during lock-down times, the porn industry is doing well. Perhaps even better than before.

Those double standards are not good, and we know it. I keep thinking about this, trying to find ways to make nudity more commonplace, but as the world progresses, this seems to be harder and harder.

I know why, of course. People are struggling to make ends meet in many places. They work long hours (which has a reason – if a government makes people work just long enough, they’re too tired to think at the end of the day, which makes the people ‘safe’. They don’t want to ‘think’ anymore, just slump on the couch and watch TV while eating their microwave dinner).

But even on the couch you can be naked, right? It’s my preferred way to be if I can’t go for a nude walk.

Why is it that all the media promote hidden, ‘naughty’ nudity over the real and genuine thing? Probably because there’s money in naughty (see porn industry). People who wear no clothes spend no money on clothes. It’s all the same thing, all over again.

Sometimes it’s disheartening to see what we’re up against.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Dukes and earls can’t afford a fitting shirt but nudity is still bad”

  1. ” … if a government makes people work just long enough, they’re too tired to think at the end of the day, …”

    I’ve been saying this since college. My grandparents had much more non-exhausted free time than my parents. They had much more than my ex and I had. Stuff like this is what makes me wonder about ‘big brother’ and social control, not the splashy items that get attention. My grandparents had the time/energy to have a civic/social life…… join organizations, play sports, etc.

    My parents had noticeably less, but it was still there.

    For me and my ex it was completely out of the question.

    Then there’s the decline in real wages i.e ‘purchasing power’. When this makes the news there’s usually someone putting the word ‘supposed’ in front of it……. in quotes.

    To maintain roughly the same standard of living:
    G’pa – B.S. degree – worked full time
    G’ma – R.N (Registered Nurse) stayed at home with the kids

    Father – M.B.A. – worked full time
    Mother -B.S. – stayed at home until kids in school, then part-time

    My Ex & I – Both have M.A.’s I worked two jobs.

    Yes, I know today we have more appliances, etc. than in the past. But I’d REALLY like to see the numbers that would show that increase in home gadgetry is greater than any supposed decline in real purchasing power over the past 75 years. I remember my grandfather and his brother talking about how the middle class was disappearing. That was back in the 70’s!
    The notions that ‘naughty’ nudity is somehow more acceptable than utterly non-sexual nudity and that blood & gore is still more acceptable than either are just one of many examples of the world being turned on its head.
    The notion of compromise appears to be gone.
    In its place we have “You refuse to let me run roughshod over you. Doing so is attacking me and trying to take away my rights. You are the aggressor.” and “If you don’t let me discriminate against you, you’re taking away my rights.”

    I don;t know where this all is going, but I’m sure it’s no place good.

    1. Entire point made. Thank you, Anton. I have seen this too. It’s crazy, and it looks as if the world is waiting for the ordered hand basket, to go to hell when it’s done…

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