A girl, raped at a French camping place

Newspaper clipping

You may not be able to read this. It’s a shot from a French newspaper site. It announced that a young girl was raped at a camping. You can find the original article (in French) here. (The person who apparently did it was found and taken into custody.)

The reason that I bring this to your attention is that this did not happen at a nudist camping. There are lots of nudist/naturist campings and resorts in France and I have yet to hear about something like this happen there. This doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen, but it struck me when reading about it that it happened at a textile camping.

The fear of naked?

nudist camp lifePondering along about this I wonder if this would have happened at a nudist camping if the perp had been around that. It would mean he’d have to be naked as well – otherwise he’d have stuck out like a sore thumb.

People with filth like this on their mind will always try to operate without being seen. And being seen is something that will definitely happen when walking around naked somewhere. You will be seen. People like us don’t mind that. We’re fine, we’re in the clear, and we know why we’re naked. I think that rapists will feel strongly against being visible like that.

What do you think? Am I thinking along the wrong track?


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