A girl, raped at a French camping place

Newspaper clipping

You may not be able to read this. It’s a shot from a French newspaper site. It announced that a young girl was raped at a camping. You can find the original article (in French) here. (The person who apparently did it was found and taken into custody.)

The reason that I bring this to your attention is that this did not happen at a nudist camping. There are lots of nudist/naturist campings and resorts in France and I have yet to hear about something like this happen there. This doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen, but it struck me when reading about it that it happened at a textile camping.

The fear of naked?

nudist camp lifePondering along about this I wonder if this would have happened at a nudist camping if the perp had been around that. It would mean he’d have to be naked as well – otherwise he’d have stuck out like a sore thumb.

People with filth like this on their mind will always try to operate without being seen. And being seen is something that will definitely happen when walking around naked somewhere. You will be seen. People like us don’t mind that. We’re fine, we’re in the clear, and we know why we’re naked. I think that rapists will feel strongly against being visible like that.

What do you think? Am I thinking along the wrong track?


Author: Paul

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3 thoughts on “A girl, raped at a French camping place”

  1. cela peut arriver malheureusement partout ! on n’est pas a l’abri de se genre de fait, peut être que chez les naturistes c’est moins courant comme tous le monde est nu le fait de montrer un sexe quel qu’il soit provoque peut être moins d’excitation que chez les textiles. une sorte d’inhibition qui ferai qu’il y aurait “peut être moins ou pas d’agression sexuelle” que chez les textiles.
    je pense qu’une naturiste pour séduire a besoin de se mettre en valeur s’habiller sexy
    restée nue est moins excitant voir banal pour des naturistes chevronnés
    après nous avons bien sur les émois des premiers jours pour les garçons novices jeune ou plus vieux qui ne peuvent contrôler une érection naissante mais ça tiens plus des hormones que de vouloir a tout prix passer a des actes violents
    par-contre oui si les naturistes ont des attitudes beaucoup plus ambiguë voir libertine comme l’on peut le voir sur certaines plages ça peut peut-être donner des idées a quelques pervers ! que je ne n’appellerai pas naturistes.
    mais peut -être que je me trompe aussi ! se n’est qu’un avis

  2. A nudist/naturist is very unlikely to be a sexual predator because they are more respectful of people. Sexual predators are mentally deranged and rape is an act of hate. I suppose it’s possible a rapist could sneak into a nudist camp, especially if it is not fenced and gated, then hide until dark or be nude briefly before attacking. I agree, there is a better chance they would get noticed or caught.

  3. Rape is not about sex, even though sex is involved. Rape is about dominating, possessing and using another human-being, which the rapist has dehumanized and sees only as a sex-object. That behavior is anathema to the core-principles of naturism/nudism and will not be tolerated. Our resorts are “safe-spaces” and the girls and ladies can feel the safety almost immediately even if they have never been in a communal-nudist environment before.

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