Great walking opportunities

And that close to home.

Walking trail

This might not look like much, but it’s a trail I found that I can walk naked at least half. The altered line (not red, I don’t know what it’s called as I am colour blind) is the nude stretch. It’s a fabulous little stretch, all among the trees, and there are a few small side trails I can do as well.

walking trail close to home

This is another trail I found that’s perfect. The non-red part can be done naked easily.

On both occasions I ran into a non-nude person, just once, because these are not the routes people prefer, so far away from ‘civilisation’. Well, I’ll take them; they’re perfect. Each trail gives me at least 1 km of nude walking, and each time it ‘surprises’ me how free that is.

Putting the clothes back on is always a bit of a downer, but I know there will be more naked walks. Perhaps the choice of routes looks a bit limited, but I’m convinced that many people don’t even have 1 or 2 of such routes to take, so I count myself lucky.

Do you have nude routes near where you live? (I.e. without having to get into the car and driving there?)

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

18 thoughts on “Great walking opportunities”

  1. So blessed to live where i live! i am a five minute walk from thousands and thousands of hectares of wilderness. Some of the most unforgiving hiking terrain and the only people i have run into funnily enough are other naturists/nudists doing the same thing or the proper non weekend-warrior hiking types and i might be biased or generalising a bit but i have found ever since i was around 9 years old hiking far, far from home by myself, nude in terrain that would make most city kids parents terrified lol, that these proper hiking types always seem more progressive and more understanding so there is no dramas about nudity when running into them.

    I’ve had some bad experiences nude hiking as well but i take the bad with the good and that’s the best way to live in general. I am eternally sorry for people who have to live in concrete jungles so far away from fresh air. Very happy you’ve been able to find some freedom and walking spaces Paul, even if you have to end up playing a bit of musical chairs with your clothes off and on and off and on hehe

      1. hehe! oh I will thank you! Thankfully we live in the green part though. Once you get to the outback everything is uncomfortably flat and without any hill for the most part!

  2. Living in a city, surrounded by roads and farmland in every direction, there’s no chance for a naked hike anywhere within 20+km from where I live.
    Technically I guess I could do it a bit closer, but that’s technically a marshy park and tends to be pretty crowded on the paths and off the paths you’re ankle deep in sucking mud or worse very quickly.

  3. I am fortunate that I live near some designated wilderness areas with many miles of trails that are rarely visited. You wouldn’t think there’d be so much wild within an hour or two of LA.

    Nude hiking is not illegal in LA County but I suppose you could be harassed so I try to avoid people and be innocuous as possible when I rarely encounter them.

  4. In a small town (40,000 inhabitants), I have no nearby places (except one) to be able to get rid of my clothes. I’ll never understand why I have to put on clothes with 38 degrees. However I found a place just outside the city (unfortunately I have to take the car), isolated and away from the chaos of the city, it is a small wild place, with plants and trees. Not having nudist beaches nearby, not having spas, wellness centers or swimming pools (all of these things actually exist, but they require a swimsuit). As soon as I arrive in this natural place, I immediately undress. It is irresistible. Of course there is always the (rare) possibility of meeting someone who, seeing me naked, calls the police. Nudity here in Italy is not normal, and if people saw me naked, they might think I’m a maniac, a psychopath or a madman, but they certainly wouldn’t think about naturism. In case that happens, I go back to the car, put my clothes back on, cursing them, and drive back to the car before the police arrive. The real hassle would be having to find another place. I can’t give it up, it’s stronger than me, I need to undress, especially in nature, disconnect from civilization, chaos, cell phones, the city, polluted air and go back to nature, even if only for a few hours. It’s like taking a breath of fresh air before returning to the underwater. But you must always be careful, if someone sees me naked they would most likely take me for a poor fool, at worst they could get scared and call the police, so I always try to avoid meeting other people, even if it is very rare that this happens .

    1. It’s sad that you, and so many others, have to be so extremely careful with something that’s so innocent. Somehow nudity is the thing to be shunned and punished. It’s crazy. I’m glad you have that option, Frederico, even if you have to drive out to it.

      1. the problem is that people might be afraid of me seeing me completely naked, mistaking me for a psychopath or a maniac, that’s why they are likely to call the police. The really stupid thing is that if I decided to keep my panties on it would change everything. Obviously I would no longer be mistaken for a madman and I would certainly have fewer problems, the problem arises from naked genitals. The sight of my butt and my penis upsets people and not a little. The small detail of having or not having underwear completely changes a person’s idea of ​​me. Absurd and also stupid. Having also been a textile for most of my life, I can understand them, but for sure I have no intention of doing naturism in nature with my underwear on (naturism is done in nudity) and if someone were upset by seeing my penis, patience . We are in 2022 and we are still scandalized by these things.

        1. That is totally crazy. I would sooner think that a madman would run through the woods in only underwear. THAT is crazy for me.
          You’re right, even in 2022…

          1. That’s right it’s crazy but since I don’t want trouble with the law and at the same time I don’t want to wear any clothing in nature, including underwear, I have to avoid any human contact without having to live my naturism constantly on alert, which is why I choose places where i’m safe. 99%, that I will not meet anyone. Once I had to hide in order not to be seen, I don’t want to experience naturism, which I need to feel good, always on alert or risking seeing the police coming and getting a colossal fine for “obscene acts”. I want to experience naturism, with serenity, enjoying the wild nature, the freedom of my naked body and the contact with the natural elements.

        2. Just had a little think and I could not name any serial killers or psychopaths known for their naturism or nudism. Really makes you think

          We really are the one-eyed chicklets in the land of the blind ^^

          1. I know well. Unfortunately here in Italy to see a naked person, indeed I want to clarify: seeing a person without underwear with clearly visible genitals, triggers enormous fears. This is the general thought. “Oh my God, he’s all naked. He’s probably a sex maniac or a crazy psycho, I better call the police before I’m attacked.” I’m not saying that all Italians think so when they see a completely naked person, indeed some may not care, but it is a widespread thought. I am sure that if I wore a swimsuit or better still a shorts that covers the genitals I would have many fewer problems. Now tell me if it is possible that after a week of breathing polluted air, you are constantly under stress, exhausted, nervous, in the midst of city concrete and cars, add to that the fact of living in a small town (40,000 inhabitants) with a narrow mindset. . The day comes when you can finally spend a few hours in nature and I should keep my clothes on. If you can keep your clothes on, in the middle of nature, after a hard week, well know that I envy you.

  5. The closest nude outdoor anything is over two hours from me. Closer there’re only private pools and balconies for those who have them or friends who do. There’re a few bars in the area that have outdoor spaces. Pre-Covid, one of the groups I belong to would rent those spaces for 4 hours in the afternoon before the bar’s regular hours.

    It’s a bit of a downer because by the time I get there I often need a nap, lol. Even if I caffeinate my way through it, I need to take the next day as a recovery day, which isn’t very practical.

    1. My boyfriend is sound asleep, an earthquake would not wake him and its getting close to 8am, with perfect hiking weather and i am itching to go for a walk.. all i need is shoes since the weather is so lovely and i feel like I should go walking for you Anton, five minutes and i am away from everywhere. My first thought was to turn the negative to a positive, that since you are so tired when you arrive, that makes for perfect sunbaking weather, but i know its not the same.

      That space renting idea (for businesses that are cool with that) is awesome!

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