A glorious day in September

Glorious day

The past Saturday, my girlfriend and I were off to a sauna/wellness complex in the neighbourhood. It’s called “Thermen Berendonck“. We knew the day would be good, but it turned into a glorious day, because the weather was amazingly kind to those who want to relax in the nude.

Sunshine and 21C (70F), barely any wind and a wonderful area, inside and out, to enjoy. What more could you ask for? I mean, have a look at this:

Thermen Berendonck arrangement | Hotel Cuijk
Indoor swimming pool Berendonck

It was good to see “many” people there. The sauna still maintains a strict count on the people allowed in at one time, due to Corona measures, which is great, but to see so many people enjoying this place was nice.

Again it struck me that there are many folks who cover up to the nose when they’re not in a sauna, a steam bath or a pool. Bathrobes, towels, anything goes. These are the people who also keep their towels around them until just before the moment they sit down in a sauna. As if that small difference between standing and sitting makes that no one can see their nakedness. And some people actually keep their towels wrapped around, to keep their ‘dignity’, or whatever they would call it, intact. And that while there are plenty of people walking around naked and carefree, the way such a day should be enjoyed.

To each their own, of course, but I do wonder what could go on in the minds of the people who keep their ‘shields’ up. Are the appalled by the sight of all those naked people? Curious and peeking? Proud that they, at least, maintain their chastity and don’t throw themselves at the mercy of the world’s eyes?

Nude swim

For me it will probably always remain a mystery why some people are so scared to unload their clothes, even when so many nude ones are around. Don’t they see it’s normal to be naked? That not every naked one is the symbol of physical beauty-standards and youthful attractiveness? Or don’t they want to see that?

It’s probably something else. I can’t help but pity those people, but I do hope they enjoyed their version of that glorious day to the fullest. Like we did.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “A glorious day in September”

  1. I think the really strange people are those who happily wander around nude at spas, but then put on a swimming costume to go into the pool (even though there isn’t a rule telling them to). Haven’t they ever experienced the pleasure of skinny dipping?

  2. I don’t know what it is. What is there to be ashamed of ? Why put a towel around your waist ? You don’t coverup your nose or put socks on in the sauna or on the beach. Why are people so afraid of being different, diversity makes life more interesting. Some people are catholic, other protestant, some are gay, others hetero, some like to be naked others not. What is the problem? Feel free whenever you can without any shame.
    I am not ashamed saying that I am gay and a nudist.

    1. “Feel free whenever you can without any shame.”

      That IS the problem. People are taught that they shouldn’t be free and that shame is the best thing (although it’s packaged in a different way).

  3. Going off Hans’ comment “Why are people so afraid of being different?” … Perhaps those people have repeatedly had unsolicited negative responses to their difference. They might also have had friends/family deny the existence of said differences even though they are self evident. The cognitive dissonance that results from getting contradictory responses to the same thing might lead to some odd choices. Pre-Covid I worked with a chronic care counsellor who told me that about 1/4 of her patients had a friend/family member say, “I understand you feel that way” about physical issues that show up on x-rays. I.e the patient is being told that a documented physical condition is psychosomatic. Or…. I could be projecting my experiences onto other people, lol.

    Then there’s also the fact that what appears to be contradictory behavior is not contradictory to the person doing it.

    But we’ll probably never know.

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