I worked so hard for this body

It is what I read in a tweet a while ago. A lady was very proud of her figure, and with reason. She looked fit and all that. The tweet, however, didn’t end there. The whole tweet was:

I worked so hard for this body that I am allowed to wrap it up nicely.

Yes. She was wearing clothes that she liked. Nothing wrong with that, I say, but…

Why do you feel the need to wrap it up?

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Why hide your body from the world if you’re proud of it?

Okay, stop, hold your horses, we all know why. Because haters will hate, because the perverts will be perverts and the porn industry… argh.

But the question remains: when you are proud of something, why do you feel you should hide it beneath something nice?

People can be so weird, and the ‘modern world’, which I complained about so often before, is the reason for that. It’s that corrupted, twisted concept of freedom that reigns. Yes, you are free, you have all the freedom you want, as long as you move inside the constraints we impose on you. And those constraints shift and move closer all the time, I sometimes think.

Worst of all: most people don’t even notice it.

They don’t seem to see that this is happening, while we naturists, nudists, clothes-free-o-philes and what now are struggling to be who we want to be when we want to be.

It’s a strange place, this world, and it keeps getting stranger…

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “I worked so hard for this body”

  1. Short answer? Yes.

    A as percentage of the population the blundering herd (aka ‘Lumpenvolk’, aka ‘Lumpenprotaletariat’*) is both growing and creeping up the SES pyramid. Separately (or maybe not), today a couple both need to have Master’s degrees and work full time to have the life our grandparents had with ONE Bachelor’s degree. A high degree of civic engagement simply isn;t possible.

    Point: As time goes by fewer and fewer people even notice the constraints even exist at all, much less than that they’re slowly closing in.

    *Yes, I know the Lumpenprotaletariat is actually a bit different. Nonetheless, I’ve often heard it used as a synonym for the previous two terms.

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