Longing for fairy land

Yes. I long for fairy land. Especially the area where a specific emperor lives.

Did you think of that one too?

I’d visit that emperor and convince him that this was the way to go. That everyone in his country should dress like this when it’s possible, weather-wise.

It’s a dream, I know, but I cherish it. Freedom for all, not having to cover up when you don’t want to. To be accepted the way you are, with the emperor in the lead. Literally, like in the above image.

Last evening I assembled a new desk. It’s a big, heavy thing from Ikea. Guess what I wore, doing that. Indeed. I wore the emperor’s clothes. If it’s fit for royalty, it’s fine for me as well.

Time and again I am so aware of how much easier it is to move around naked, to squat down and tighten a screw, to bend down and pick something up. No fabric that gets in the way, squeezes or is just plain old uncomfortable. Nothing like that. And nothing that held back the heat from my body – because putting together an Ikea desk is a warm job. The box said to do it with 2 people. This was where my split personality came in handy, by the way.

This, by the way, is the new desk.

Truly, that emperor should have stuck to his naked guns and he should have made going nude an official thing.

Simply because it’s the best thing.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Longing for fairy land”

  1. Nice desk! Is the return (aka ‘secretary’) movable?

    Yes, assembling things and doing most any other task around the house is easier in the buff.

    For things like getting mail and putting out trash I’ve found kilts are much easier than pants. Easy on, easy off with no need to remove footwear. My arthritic joints are very happy about this 🙂

    1. Yes, the side part / secretary is movable, which was another good reason to get it. I enjoyed putting it together.

      And I underwrite the kilt concept. It is so much easier. I got one a few years ago. In fact I liked it so much that, for colder evenings, I bought a long, black, wool skirt. It’s great. Yes, people frown at first when they see me, but better a frown on their face than pants on my butt.

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