Do you ‘online’ more?

With the pandemic not giving up so easily, I wonder: do you do more stuff online than you did before?

If you’re like me, the answer’s yes. Work mostly takes place online in my profession anyway, so I can do that anywhere with a decent internet connection.

Is she dressed of nude? No one can tell without a camera.

A huge benefit of that is that, unlike most offices, I don’t need to wear the amount of clothes that ‘society’ requires. That’s a good thing.

Video conferencing? A shirt will do – but take care when walking away with the camera on. LOL!

But entertainment also moved online a lot. For me, the fact that it’s “winter” also helps with that. I love morning walks, but not when it’s cold. Wind and rain comes down by the buckets very often, so walks are off for me. Call me a wimp. I don’t care.

Naked online yoga or Pilates are great things too. Moving around to places is a no-no, so sites like NakedInMotion provide a good alternative. Also DoriaYoga from London might be interesting for the folks in Europe, to avoid time zone issues.

With the lockdown continuing, I hope everyone is doing their best to stay fit in a way that works for you. I’m constantly looking for new ways, fun ways, and good ways to exercise, while I do try to stick with my usual set of exercises that – I think – work for me.

Maybe there’s a specific kind of workout you like and you can’t find a nude version online. I bet that happens a lot. My tip for that would be: follow the clothed version and do it nude when you’re not required to use a webcam. It’s as simple as that. People who complain that the instructor should be nude as well have the wrong mindset, in my eyes. It’s about the exercise, not the fact that you can look at nude people. There are other websites for that.

Keep yourself going, nude friends. Move as much as you can. Find exercises you can do anywhere. Simple tools like milk jugs filled with some water as weights or dumbbells can make it a cheap experience as well. Just know what you’re doing; don’t get hurt trying to stay in shape!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Do you ‘online’ more?”

  1. Yes, I’m doing much more online now than pre-Covid. And I do much less laundry now. I still shower and shave every morning as I did before. However now my work outfit is socks, shoes, gentleman’s jewelry and whatever shirt is appropriate for my on camera job. Fortunately I work at a 36″ high table so chances of a camera mishap are almost zero (I’ve checked).

    Yes, there’s a whole range of online nude exercise, yoga, happy hours, etc. available but I’ve not partaken as I want to work through a backlog of work and personal stuff that has piled up. But once I’m reasonably caught up, I certainly will.

    Unexpectedly, I was offered the Moderna vaccine and will get the second in a few weeks. I don;t think of myself as a frint line worker but I actually am. I’m one of the very few interpreters in my area who do tactile interpretation* and are also willing to work in hospitals. An agency I work for was offered 10 slots by a local hospital and the agency picked me due to that unique skill set. However, I’m sure I’ll get my life sorted out and by enjoying online nude yoga long before live classes will resume.

    So yes, I do a lot more on line now and am nude a much higher percentage of the day, which is good. The only bad part is that I’m now spoiled rotten. I’m so loathe to put on clothing now I’ve actually ordered a kilt so I can go get the mail, throw out the trash, etc. without having to take my shoes off to bother with pants! In my defense, I do have severe arthritis so shoes off –> pants on –> Shoes on –> get mail –> shoes off –> pants off –> shoes on does consume a good bit more time & energy for me than it does for most people.

    *Tactile interpreting is used with Deaf/blind individuals. I’ve added a link to a YT vid that demonstrates. The two women do not share a common language. The guy is the interpreter. That’s what I do in person in hospitals. The only difference is that in this vid the guy interprets between 2 signed languages while I do so between ASL (American Sign Language) and spoken English.

    Random aside: Since two signed languages are used in the vid, the interpreter himself could very well be Deaf.

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