2 thoughts on “The comfortable Sunday Noon Nudist”

  1. Note: I assume this pic was taken in an area where the nudity is legal and that a hijab is not the usual choice of clothing for women in the area shown. If not, what I say may not apply.

    That’s a good question and one important enough to be explored, IMO. What’s important is that both groups understand that the laws that entitle those individuals to sunbathe nude in a (presumably) public park are the same laws that entitle those two ladies to wear hijab without harassment.

    Equally important is the fact that if one moves to an area with different cultural norms, one does NOT have the right to complain about them. If you don’t like it, leave. For example, if a western businessman moves to a country where women are not legally allowed to drive, he and his wife do NOT have the right to complain about the wife being unable to drive. Nor are they entitled to expect some sort of dispensation because women do drive where they came from. Similarly, if people from a place where public nudity is both considered offensive and is illegal move to a place where public nudity is neither of those things, said people do NOT have a right to act offended or complain about the nudity.

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