A nude Christmas in lockdown

It’s weird, but Christmas is almost upon us. Despite COVID-19 and all the misery it brought us.

How are you all going to get through the holidays as they approach? Are you giving in, as usual, to have a clothed festive season? Are you the lucky one who’s always had the opportunity to Ho-Ho-Ho in the nude?

So much is different now, and this isn’t different.

My Christmas will be quite a lot of the usual. A quiet day, as naked as possible at home, and dinner at my sister’s place. That will be clothed affair, but that’s okay. It’s once a year and she likes to make ‘a fuss’ of such dinners.

There won’t be a crowd (just her, her daughters and me) so that’s easy as well.

Paul nude outside

I’ll leave it at this. If you care to share your plans, please do.

Ho ho ho.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “A nude Christmas in lockdown”

  1. We always go to my in-laws where we are a gathering of 12. Unless restrictions change (5 per household) we will not likely celebrate Christmas with them.
    Perhaps our own little Christmas at home.
    All the best to you and your family. Be safe and healthy.

  2. ,A nude christmas why not? As I can’t travel this year and see my family, I stay home alone. And with the heating turned up a bit, a nude christmas yes. With good wine and a good book……

  3. It will certainly be a more local, modest occasion for many of us I suspect. But a quiet naked time for contemplation is no bad thing

  4. My Christmas will be very quiet. A friend from my Covid bubble will come over and spend a night or two. We’ll use this time to decompress and cook food our schedules usually don’t leave us time for. He’s a nudist as well so that’ll make it nicer 🙂

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