Some erratic posting behaviour

You may have noticed. Also on I am far behind on keeping up with the posts.

Blame work.

50 to 60 hour workweeks don’t really help in finding time to sit down and write a fascinating or even just entertaining naturist blog post. Soon things will be a lot better though, because next week I will be off. Some call it vacation. I hope I can get some sleeping done that I have missed over the past 3 or 4 (by now) months. And after that week I hope my work hours will go back to a more normal amount (wishful thinking works, doesn’t it? Say yes!!)

The naturist touch to this post is that, at least, I can work clothes free from home. I do have to go out to locations more and more again, so dressing is needed, as are protective measures to keep COVID literally out of my face.

Take care, my friends, and stay nude as much as you can!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

6 thoughts on “Some erratic posting behaviour”

  1. No problem. I, for one, appreciate your efforts and realistic approach to naturism and the folks that practice it.

  2. I want to keep reading your stories. So stay healthy, don’t make yourself vulnerable by getting not enough sleep. Enjoy your holiday. I am just starting mine with fkk Saxon naturisten Tage.
    Groetjes Izaäk

    1. Thank you for your comment and concern! Am enjoying a week of vacation now so I’m getting better every day. Enjoy your naturistentage!

  3. No need to explain. When the lockdown started I thought to myself, “Finally I’ll have the time to sleep, exercise, and maybe actually catch up on a few things.” My colleagues and I and even the agencies we work for thought we’d see a tidal wave of demand for on-line interpreting. HA. HA. We’re all still waiting for the tidal wave to hit. Instead there’s been a slow, steady increase. We’re all spending 20+ hours per week hustling just to find enough online gigs to pay the bills. Yes, I’m sleeping and exercising a bit more than I did pre-Covid, but it’s nothing like what I’d expected. The only upside is that the only time I need to put on clothes at home is when I’m in front of the camera, and that’s just a shirt 🙂

    Enjoy your time off and best luck on having a sane work schedule once you return.

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