A naked crow is a strange bird

Yes. There is some news about our Naked Crow. About the ninth one, to be precise. Let me show you…

Naked Crow 9 - Canadian Crow

The only thing I would like to add to this information, which is pretty sparse, I admit, is that you should be on the lookout soon. You might spot this one as of June 13th. That’s when I plan to let it fly.

This story has been in the making for a while, but with No More Unsworth Manor Nudes and a few other bits and surprises coming up, that was to be expected!

So note it down, all you ornithologists. June 13th. Of this year.

Author: Paul

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5 thoughts on “A naked crow is a strange bird”

  1. Paul, are you raven mad? That’s Banff National Park, not *natural* park! She’s very near a very large and very busy parking lot, near a big and luxurious hotel full of tourists with binoculars.

    I guess you took artistic licence….

    1. Hi Mark!

      I know the image shows Banff (I’ve been there, it’s gorgeous). That is not where she will go, though. I couldn’t find pictures of Palm Park Naturist resort near Regina, Saskatchewan, so I had to improvise. (If you can find pictures of Palm Park, you’re amazing!!)


      1. Hi Paul:
        I can’t find Palm Park in Saskatchewan – palm trees don’t grow in SK, too cold in winter! I guess P.P. is a figment of the writer’s imagination.

        I did find http://www.greenhavensunclub.ca/ , which is an FCN and AANR affiliated club. They have some good photos showing the general layout. It is ‘about 11 km NE of Balgonie on Highway 10’ so on the highway between Balgonie and Fort Qu’Appelle. That is rolling flat land with ponds (called sloughs, pronounced ‘slews’) and shrubs in that part of the world. I searched for it on Google Earth; it shows up readily. It isn’t as attractive as the mythical ‘Mighty Oaks’!

          1. Hi Mark!

            > I guess P.P. is a figment of the writer’s imagination.

            You figmented correctly! You can learn more about the secret soon. 🙂

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